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Is There A Path To Happiness.

If You Are Facing In The Right

Direction, All You Need To Do

Is Keep On Walking.


They say we just need three things in life to be truly happy in this world.. Someone To Love, Something To Do, and Something To Hope For. Or may be – Enjoy Your LifeTo Be Happy is it true .. Its all that matters.. or to a huge percentage of society they dream of.. Money.. Power.. Pleasure.. Possessions bring’s happiness.

Is true happiness with in the inner quality of a person.. or is it a state of mind were your at peace were you are in life. My self never had huge some’s of money been down and up a few times.. even to the point were i couldn’t stretch my arms out any further or beg more for help than i did.. but sometime during the day id have a laugh with a smile and know there are people worse than me in the world.

Can Happiness be a choice.. Many people believe that your either born happy or your not.. Happiness is a choice through what we have in life.. family.. friends.. our choice of career.. the love of your life.. The Choices We Make.. The Chances We Take.. The Changes We Are Prepared To Make.. Can Give You A Direction In Life.. As my dad would say taking the right direction will lead you to the path of life and happiness..

Everyone has a different idea of


Follow you own path,

not someone else’s.

These are the simple things in life that make me happy.. sure id like more in life who wouldn’t.. but it’s not the key to happiness, but i also look at the direction of my life to be More at peace mentally.. id admit more security in funds.. i am working on it and all ways do.. but i’m really happy with being able to wake up every day to be with my family, friends and the most important to me is my kids and grandson.

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.. I agree as through out life i have to except haven less but being happy with the kids around me.. those day’s i was down just the call of Dad was enough to make me feel happy, and the Path to happiness is going to take a while or be happy with what you have not what you want or don’t have.

The second phrase suits me more as i know life for me goes up and can come down, through this it’s called adjustments and experience over many years helps me to keep me working with my path of happiness.


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