Yes I Do Enjoy Life

And why not seriously – I’m understanding more of me and were i’m going and what i need to do.. yes still on my own.. have made a friend were i go and get pampered Mmm maybe it’s not every one’s way of thinking.. but for me it’s how it makes me feel which is good in myself.

Good Morning – Love It. Lol

Id say we have worked it out i’m a thinker in a lot of ways.. which can be good or bad..In learning about yourself iv’e learned to think to a level were i don’t get lost with worrying over it..but in saying that i still get depressed and suffer with depression some day’s..Life Lol.

As The Day Goes On.. It Just Makes Me Feel Good Watching This Bit Of Country Change With In Hours.

I have put a few blogs about learning to know yourself and how to understand yourself.. Through this i have had a few of you say we need to learn how to love yourself..Thats one i do find hard because i look at this guy in the mirror that needs some work and has a few mental issues to work out in life.

Were is this going .. Here we go the thinking Lol.. I feel i am a good bloke in ways and thats not haven tickets on my self..On camp and the work site every one seems to really enjoy my company and being or working with me, and thats picked up by their body language with the genuine laughter, chat and smiles with being told Paul Mate your a great bloke from the girls and guys, even the bosses come out to site to have a chat an laugh an making sure the site is going well…except for 1 Mmm cant please every one and i’m certainly not loosing sleep over it.. and there are other words i could think that comes into my head but i’m a gentlemen and not booing over it.

Beautiful day into night pretty blessed in life.

Well for the first time in 31 years i’m not haven Christmas with the kids as i’m working back on shift on the twenty forth Mmm it will be so different i must admit Toots is upset and so is Kado, Wade no worries dad Haha typical boy.. id say id be the same when his age.. i mean got all year to see dad..Well there’s been a Christmas get together arranged for Christmas night at camp with our crew..And i wasn’t invited too it by the lady were i’m not her favourite haha but all good i eat on my own every night as the crew sit together with her in the mess room.. and they know i look at life is too short to create problems over it Haha Lol.

I went and saw my friend today, more for company..can i say she really went well and truly to a level that i didn’t expect nor asked for..we sat on the end of the bed as the air and room was so quiet and felt good in a way i cant explain.. but i asked with out being rude or to insult her, Why do you go to a massive length to pamper me, not that i don’t appreciate your company and how you look after me.

I don’t count me self as a soft cock which is an Australian way off saying your weak..Haha.. She told me that she loved my philosophy in life, my genuine way in asking how life was and how she is going, i was funny and she felt i had a kind heart..she explained that we couldn’t go any were or further than this but loved my company and me for who i am as a person and a man.

Day five of a heavenly morning a blessed way of starting work.

I have to say i sat there for a while with deep in thought off.. am i really a nice guy.. Now we all know nice guys all ways come last Haha.. this is were it confuses me in life.. i make friends easy, i keep friends easy.. people say they love being with me and my company.. come to me for advise on certain things in life.. have deep and meaning conversations with me.. i make them happy.. i’m told i am a great bloke.. And yet i’m on my own and feel really empty inside as the loneliness with the heart keeps coming into life.

But can i say life is good in so many ways.. with the bond i build with people and the vibes i get back when i’m in there company.. with the love i have with my kids and family.. i’m making more money than i have ever made in life.. i enjoy the job and love the location.. but i have to look at one great Phiosophy Life is pretty good and i do enjoy it knowing i wake up every day with a smile..

I Stay Home Alone,

Listen To Music And

Think To Much

By Keeping Low Expectations

And The Understanding That I

Have A Long Way To Go In

Going Forward

Life Is Good.


Enjoy your Life for the better and worse.. As We Only Have One Chance At It, When you get to my age of 61 you understand the meaning of life is short and learn more of the understanding of it, i’m not sure with saying this some off you would think were is he.. as a young guy growing up from a kid, teen, young adult i took life full on with plenty of spirt and adventure.. but i say i really seem to be enjoying were i am at 61 with the Philosophy of …



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