Life = Happy = I’m Good.

Well today is doing a bit of the washing and packing the bag.. It’s funny i look forward to flying out back to work but not the fly’s or heat.. O well thats part of the job.

Eight on.. then when i come back it’s Christmas week.. were has the year gone. This year we are just buying for Kado and no one else.. well i’m getting the kids a double lounge pass at the cinemas.. it will anger Toots but i’m dad and i want to do it.

This will be the first Christmas in 31 years i haven’t been with the kids as i’m on shift the 24th Mmm so we are haven our Christmas day on the 22nd just family but all good i love the idea of being with the kids.

Happy Mind.

Happy Life.


I had a great week off caught up with some mates spent time with Kado and the kids.. but more than anything got to work myself out a bit better in different ways.. i would say the part of me that keeps improving is getting to enjoy more of each day i arise from bed, thats a good thing.. as i look at every day better than yesterday Lol.

Life is only as good

AS you make it.


Have a great day guys.


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