Is It Fate + Destiny..That Creates Our Life..

Are we the master of our Destiny. We can influence, direct and control our own environment. We can make our life what we want it to be.

Ultimately it comes down to me learning about me. We become our own coach.. by being able to recognise the adjustments that we need to make.. I learn right from wrong at a very young age.. I take care of my body.. I’m Preparing for the next game or challenge.. I’m Taking accountability for my actions and choices. It’s On Me.

You are the architect of your destiny.

You are the master of your own fate.

You are behind the steering wheel of your life.

There are no limitations to what you can do,

Have Or Be.

Brian Tracey

So at 61 i have had a lot Fate and certainly created my own Destiny I Ask My Self ?… Do i believe there is such a thing as fate or destiny.. What is Fate.. Fate is the result of what we have set in motion, or what has been in motion by external events.. Fate is a result of things happening.. But we are all born with the capacity to reach happiness in life which is i feel so important in life.. not that it happens all the time as we would liked have planned.

Destiny refers to the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. Destiny also refers to a power that controls one’s future. The term Destiny comes from Latin destinata meaning to establish or make firm. Fate or Destiny has a vital role in every one’s life.. No matter, if any body denies it. It’s a huge part of our lives.

Fate is what happens when we don’t take control and responsibility of your life, where destiny is what happens when we commit to growing, learning and taking chances making choices enjoying the changes.

My Fate was to meet Maree and be with her for twenty years be a single parent with the Destiny of being on my own for the rest of my life Mmm thats comfort to know Lol.

Can We Change our Destiny ? Some say that Destiny does not exist.. Things do not happen for a reason.. So how many times do you hear that it was their or his Fate when something happens in their lives.. Do we leave our lives up to fate or we believe it happens for a reason.. Then if we do are we leaving our future in the hands of coincidence and consequence..Are our lives or legacies decided by the choices we make and nothing else.

What We Think A Bout We Become.

T Or F

It’s true from our decisions, thoughts and our actions from yesterday are the results in what we see, live and feel today. I look around me and i’m a thinker of what i see in front of me.. When it comes down to it i must change my beliefs about who i am, what i’m worth, and what i can be. I have learnt that i can be what i want to be.. ( for instance i had a dream of being involved with sports at the highest level in Australia ).

With the dream and hard work of persistence and people guiding me in the right direction’s i photographed sports at the highest level worked for the major sporting codes for seven years.. Created a sports academy for over three years, was it fate that one was taken away with a smack head breaking into my house in walking away with my dream or the choice i made after being diagnosed with a tumour, i’m not sure but i have no regrets as i played, an worked with Kids and young adults for over 50 years in AFL to watch them grow to be professionals with it or do it for fun, and now i made the choice to walk away from it to improve my Destiny in life.

I have Fate In God, I have fate in the decisions i make but there mine, ill make them by thinking and way up the left & right of them but then it’s my call..

I feel with life the Destiny is through the Choices I make.. The Chances I take.. to the Changes i create.. Yes sometimes it’s out of our hands as not every plan in life runs the way we would like it too, then come’s in the equation of our ability how to handle them, so we can turn them around for the better.

Life is simple but not easy.. Through being taught as new born and learning as we grow into adults, with the right guidance, my belief, the confidence, hard work, the right people around me, learn every day, to bring in my experiences that i have all ready have with me that creates the path i choose to go down even as i grow older and wiser through them.

Destiny is not a matter of Chance,

It’s a matter of Choice,

It is not a thing that we wait for

It’s a thing to be achieved.


Is It Fate That Creates My Destiny.. I believe it’s every choice, and chance i take with hard work, belief, keep to the path i created, the support around me, the confidence i have in me, learning every day i wake up creates my destiny and the fate, for me is believing i can achieve it.


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