Every Morning.

Every Morning I Make The Biggest Decision Of My Life.

To Be Happy Today.

All I Know Is The Here And Now.

What Happened Yesterday And What May Happen Tomorrow,

Is Gone Or Hasn’t Happened YET.

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I wrote a blog on how every now and then i’m in a mind depression, but then i talk to Matty and see where he is in life which is far worse than me.. i know he and his wife are in a bad way when you are shifting back into your parents home with them, parents are good don’t get me wrong but when your married and in your 40s you know things aren’t going too good for you.

The Moral of this is he’s so positive and quiet happy in life.. his belief in God and so positive that this is all going to turn around for him and his wife.. So here i am meeting the desert man as i call him, an Matty in the situation their in, one by choice & one by no choice of his own.. Haha and i’m depressed fuck seriously i need to grow up.. I say this as i write this there are people in the world that are worse off than me and and one is a mate of mine, and i get down with being on my own Mmm Lol Seriously.

No Matter What Happens In Life,

Be Good To People.

Being Good To People Is A Wonderful

Legacy To Leave Behind.

Taylor Swift.

Now This Morning… as i read the blogs from this site that i really enjoy being a part off with my first cup of coffee.. i can see a lot of good genuine and real people that have up’s and downs with things in life.. we are all from different Country’s & City’s from all over the globe but were all breathing and living ok, yea sure we have personal problem’s, maybe suffer with an illness, or get a little down but we all go through something that challenge’s us every day, but most times id say we are all happy with life and where we are going in life.

Ask Yourself

If What You Are Doing Today

Is Getting You Closer To Where

You Want To Be


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Every Morning i wake up and especially today that i’m happy at this age that i wake up Haha Lol, and know how lucky i am in so many ways with my health, kids, grandson, family and friends and have a good job now.. So what is my problem ? well i believe.. It’s just me with the Three Cs Of Life..

Choices..Chances..Changes.. I make them no one else does and i preach what i don’t practise in a way.. yes i made the choice with my new position in life with work, took the chance which was a pretty easy one to make.. and now i have changes in life.

So now instead of getting down with my loneness and poor me i have to make those choices take the chances to enjoy the changes with my life..the first one of many choices every day i wake up in the morning be happy were i am at the moment with a smile.. Take chances and enjoy what come’s with them.. Make changes that benefit me in life and just take all this as it comes, understand i’m ok not too bad at all if any thing i’m all good for a guy at 61 with a life time of experiences and many more challenges that will gain me more experience’s with my life for the better or worse, what it comes to with all my own Philosophies..

I’m Understanding, just to be me which is pretty good.

I don’t need to find myself it’s all ready there, i just need to learn how to use it.

Every Morning i wake up look at life as a gift and learn to understand how good it’s going.


Have a great day guys and wake up every day with a smile enjoying every morning that’s in front of us all for what ever challenges it throws at us in our lives..

Have a great day To All.


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