The Company Off A Kid.

First thing today off i went for a hearing test set up by the government which is free the test.. I new it was coming as i know my hearing is down a bit.. your hearing is bad we need to do more test for just $800.00.. it’s bad but not eight hundred dollars bad. Lol..

So of to the shops down from home and the new parking bay’s are finished.. id have to say it’s a first in Perth and what a great idea, putting up shade for parking, through this your car is so much cooler to get into, great for mum’s with kids, and us older people Haha to say it looks really good, very professional.

Then the 3pm pick up of Kado at school.. As we went i come up a brain wave were of to the movies rang mum and she was all good. Now the great thing with this kid is his company i just look at him and think your nine Mmmm was i that smart at nine.. Na i don’t think so.. i think it was around 20 Hahaha.

Now a typical mother don’t buy him too much and especially junk food.. yes Toots allis Tara.. So into the Dome for a big glass of fresh Apple juice and a chocolate biscuit as we had thirty minutes to kill..He was telling me about his science excursion at school, they went to the Perth Observatory learned about the stars, meteors, Mars and the plants.. it was an interesting conversation as you can see in the photo to the right he was wright into it.

We take a selfie every time we go to the movies today was the Adams Family it was pretty good, i did the right thing got him a medium pop corn and a large Pepsi cola we had a good laugh through the movie.. the thing i noticed there was around 30 people in the cinemas three kids and the rest adults i think it bring’s back their memories as kids for them Hahaha.

Subway is a chain of franchises through out Australia for a good one not much change out of two & half million dollars, but there very popular and certainly can make a good return if your prepared to work hard with the business. So in we go and get Kado’s dinner for the night, as we were driving with the conversation of life.. how he felt it was for a kid and asked questions of it was like foe me as a kid.

Kado couldn’t believe that we had no computer games or Nintendo’s the brick as a phone thats what it was called in the late 70s an early 80s.. all the take away food outlets we had was the local deli with the pie as they were called a Mrs Macs pies that was a treat and much more, lets not forget the fish an chip shop a big treat on Sunder dinner if mum an dad had the extra money.. for 3 pieces of fish and a bucket load of chips was around $4.00 Haha and now just the minimum of chips is $3.00 i shouted the kids the other night for fish & chips, 3 dim sims, 4 crab sticks, 1 fish cake and 2 pieces of fish $31.00 Haha it’s good to have a treat every now and then.. what it did i learned of him as i do he did with m as he does and our bond of a Pop an grandson gets stronger in life.

We know as we grow through the years the Technology keeps going so far ahead i believe we are going to fast in so many things of technology especially the fire power of the world.

Great night Kado really enjoyed another interesting and enjoyable night, with many more to come.



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