He Has His Belief.

On a very hot day and i mean hot 47 degrees with intense sun out in the middle of know we’re id say it’s at the extreme of a very hot day in the Pilbara, i see this little tent and trolly set up, so being the sticky beak i am hat to pull in to see what going on.

When God Is All Then You Have.

What You Only Need.


Out pop this small figure of a man that really looks like he needs a good feed and a lot of water with a good shower, but he seemed happy and was very cautious with me standing there in front of him. I asked him how he was going and if every thing was good.

After talking to him and knowing that he was not in a good way with food and for water he was drinking his own urine, if that is not an indication he’s in trouble nothing is.

I approached the manger of the site and asked if it was ok to drop him in food and water to help him out, there was no problem in that the manger is a really good person when it comes to looking after people.

God Gave Us The Gift Of Life;

It Is Up To Give Ourselves The.

Gift Of Living Well.


The boys i work with all jumped in we had a chat to the chef’s at the camp and they were more than happy to chip in with making him a food basket every day, one that would last through the heat, that was really intense and non forgiving. So for eight day’s we dropped in fruit, food, yogurt, and 10 liters of water to help this guy, we were going around 4. am every day as the boss said you still have your job guys. Lol.

I have to ask this man WHY are you doing this.. putting your life on the line every day with this belief you have. At first he would not except any of the food and water, and as i said to him.. I have read the bible and still take paragraphs from it when i feel the need to have a read in what ever feeling and mood i’m in.. God drank water and ate food he understands that life is just not the air we breath... He excepted that i read and believe in God.. as i said i have my own way of believes but i do believe you have to be reasonable smart to survive in life, not eating and drinking your own urine in very intense heat is not fucking smart.

He Believed that.

Faith is unseen but felt,

Faith is strength when we feel we have none,

Faith is hope when all seems lost.


He looked at me with a look that made the air and where we were go quiet were i could hear the crickets in the back ground so clearly and like life just stoped for that split minute. He looked at me with a smile i’ll except this offer but only through you, with the power of knuckles i agreed, it was a feeling of goodness, and a bit over whelming that this strange little man excepted my offer but no one else’s.. i don’t feel like God or any thing i just felt good that myself and all the crew involved could give this guy with such strong belief that God had asked him to walk in to the harsh but beautiful country that people die in there cars when lost on the road or tracks with there adventure of the Pilbara.

Some times it can be the small

The un complex situations in life

That makes you feel good about yourself

Without the feeling for anyone else’s



Just that small kindness of help made myself and the crew feel so good getting on the plane yesterday and hopefully helps the little man of God live more days of his life.


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