A Day Down The Harbour.

I was pretty drawn out today from a big shift, so i went down to Fremantle Wharf just to get some what i call down time by myself. Sat down there for some time and just smelt the fresh air with taking on the activity around me it was good i enjoyed.. me, myself and i Lol.

Be your self no matter what

other people think.

I was made for this reason.

Besides an original is all ways worth

more than a copy


I really enjoyed the quite time with the smell of the ocean and the cool breeze going through the Harbour and my own company with thoughts going through the mind of life where, how, it’s all going at the end of the day i’m moving forward in good ways and standing still in others but i’m a live and have the kids, the greatest grandson, family and Mmmmm friends a few reliable one’s but i have me thats all good.


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