Not My Child.. A Parents Biggest Hope With Their Kids.

The true harsh realty of today’s Youth’s, Teen’s, Young Adults, Adults and the five letter word that destroys lives and family’s.. DRUGS..

I watched a thing on U-tube last night and i was pretty well shocked at the level were drugs have gone.. It was called ( tell me something your mother doesn’t Know ) The answers from hundreds of them in the night spots of Perth and many other City’s were ( i’m fucked up on Meth Hahaha All ages and sex of Australia ).

I’m certainly not arrogant to whats going on around the city but didn’t realise the level of it and were it has gone, when i worked the streets helping homeless and people down and out with drugs and alcohol with Father Brian & Matt… but with in six months and every one going out because of warmer weather it’s just gone to another level.

This is the image of a great night out or as they say with laughter a fucked up weekend.

Perth is rated the second biggest city in the world for Meth user’s now that’s something to be proud of we are now the most expensive city with every day living and number 1 in Australia for Meth and most drugs on the streets something a lot of todays society in Perth are proud off.

Do you know you can buy Heroin online in the comfort of your own home.. and Meth is only twenty dollars to have 3 reasonable hits on it. It’s a shame but the truth it one thing thats not getting beat’n by the Law or Goverment body’s at all if any thing it’s growing more and more through society.

This once was such a big thing in society.. it still is in some ways in the day and then party at night.. not with all amateur sports athletes but a small majority and growing

Drugs are the enemies of ambition and hope –

And when we fight against drugs

We are fighting for the Future.

Bob Riley.

Not only was the drugs a big thing with this show but all so the sex how big it was as they say it’s good being fucked up on Meth haven sex with as many guys and women as we can, it wasn’t just the bragging of sex, but most women liked the idea with two or three guys in every area of the body and the guys had no respect for women at all.

I’m not saying it’s all of society but a big chunk from 15 years old to 50 and older are looking and excited about Friday’s as they know it’s time to get ( fucked up on Meth ) all weekend.. what they believe is there not any chance at all being hooked.. i say it again.. at all it’s only on weekends and a couple through the week to help with the stress of life..

Stats show that for every 10 on meth for a social drug, six are hooked on it and turn it into an every day need of their lives. Too the people who produce this show and put it on u-tube should take a step back and see what happening – U-tube has scooped to another level for allowing this to be there as now it’s a big thing to get your face on this and tell Australia how ( Mum does not know – how fucked up i am on Meth. ) this is were we are going so the future of Australia is looking good if your a dealer and sad if your a parent.

Hope is the crystal meth of emotions,

It hooks you fast and

Kills You Hard.


I apologies if i a fended any one through this blog it’s not what i was out to do at all.. but it’s the truth and reality of life and the future of the world with the young and old through society with the party drug Known as Meth, as i wrote this i know that i’m going to make sure and help guide my grandson in the right direction.. as my daughter and son in law say it’s the one of many things to make sure their son has a great life in guiding him and being honest with the good and bad that are a part of our Lives in today every day living.


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