Preparation In Life..

The Best Preparation For Tomorrow

Is Doing Your Best Today.

H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

Education is the passport to the future,

For tomorrow belongs to those who

Prepare for today.

Malcom X

As kids we get prepared for life in so many ways, in our personality’s, schooling for the future. Through life we have preparation in the sports or exercise we play and do, the way we look and behave as a person, and the direction we go in life.

Is Preparation The Key To Life. I believe so and wish sometimes if i could turn back the clock maybe forty five year Lol id say i would have better prepared with better preparation for today’s living, but as kids that was not on our education list for life, or it was and wasn’t as if your academic wasn’t at a good level you were kindly suggested to go to work and that you could not a problem.

Today’s preparation determines tomorrows’s achievement.

Through the way of life in today’s society and of the world the kids of today and for the future need to prepare with preparation for today with their future as it’s so important, which starts on the up bring through the education we teach at home which is the work of the family up bringing..

Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge

and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of

opportunity when it occurs.

Mario Andretti

There are no secrets to success.

It is the result of Preparation,

Hard work,

And Learning From Failure.

Colin Powell

It’s funny in some ways as i get older my preparation in life is more important than it has ever been. Just in getting prepared for my shift i need to have every thing done and ready as once i’m on the plane there is no getting what i didn’t take or needed to have with me, my preparation for just every day living is a lot more with thought about as i get older, even every now and then think a bit more with the last day off living.. writing my will, preparing for not being with my kids and grandson that hits me every now and then, i know it’s a part of our life that we cant avoid and understand it’s life.

Success is where

Preparation and



Bobby Unser

What is the importance of Preparation.

It helps in starting well with most things in life..when we prepare well, starting well is easy, because we have put some measures in place before starting. It helps in understanding those things you need to do with every day living. When we prepare well we have an understanding of several things that is needed fo a particular goal or course of action.

To Become A Champion requires a good mental attitude

towards preparation.

You Have to accept the most tedious task with pleasure.

Bruce Lee

As You Get Older We Understand The Importance

Of Preparation That Can Be Rewarding Or Failure

It Guides Us Through Direction Of Life

Into Who We Are Who We Become

As A Person.



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