The Up’s & Downs Of Fitness.

The Only Bad Work Out Is The One

That Didn’t Happen.


How true is that quote.. if words were ever said when you want to loose weight or just look good and you just don’t seem to get there for some reason.

Iv’e gone back to Mal’s Gym he has a really good and well run gym, and the atmosphere is excellent every one is there to do the same thing look after them selves.

I worked on top half of the body, biceps, shoulders, chest..

  • Triceps 3 sets – 7 reps 50 kilos.
  • Low row 3 sets – 7 reps 50 kilos.
  • Lat Pulldowns 3 sets – 7 reps 70 kilos.
  • Triceps pull downs 3 sets – 7 reps 40 kilos
  • Shoulder press 3 sets – 7 reps 50 kilos
  • Bench Press 5 sets – 5 reps 50 kilos
  • Triceps pull up 7 sets – 7 reps 40 kilos
  • Kettle bell – Russian swing & American swing 5 sets – 10 reps 16 kilos.
  • Squats just to stretch the legs and get back into the routine 60 kilos 5 reps 3 sets
  • Stretch down 15 minute same as starting.

Your Fitness Is 100% Mental.

Your body won’t go where your



Another classic quote, i should learn todo what i say Lol i do but not as regular and hard as i should but il keep working on it as for those who preach will eventually do it.

I enjoyed being back in the gym and i’m enjoying pushing the mental side of working out, and thats just getting there.


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