Met A Man Out In The Middle Of Know We’re.

I’m driving 120 Ks from camp and i see in the distance a very small and lonely figure of a fragile of a man walking towards me, what was the strangest thing of the whole thing that he was dragging a big bit of luggage behind him.

So as you do being the guy i am stoped and asked are you ok ?.. With a smile he said i’m good.. What are you doing walking have you broken down with your car ?.. No i’m walking for the Lord.. Lord as in God ? Yes he answered with a smile..

Walk in obedience to all that the lord your God has commanded you,

so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that

you will posses.

He had walked from Bunbury which is south of Perth 3 hour drive on a good day. He had woken up one morning with a message from God that he needed to walk for him spreading the word of God.

I was amazed with this guy and his mission to God

He had walked 1,639.9 Km’s dragging that case, this had taken him 8 months to were i met him the other day. His journey to finish his quest had 2,758.1 Km’s to go in reaching Darwin. Now picture some of the harshest and rugged country in Australia or parts of the world, as stunning as it is, this country has taken a lot of people over the years through leaving their cars or trucks when broken down.

He explained to me that God provided his food and water on a day lie bases and that he was fine. Well he was not fine he had a bout 300 mil of water one orange and could visible’y see that he had no energy and didn’t look well at all, now on this day it was 48 degrees which in weather terms is very extremely hot and it had been for the last week between 44 an 48 degrees every day.

We gave him fruit, sandwiches and around 5 litres of water to help him out, the truck drivers and workers driving through all gave him supplies and rang the Pilbara Police and Rangers as the concern of being hit by a truck or car, with the chance of being bitten by a snake as there every were at the moment.

His believe in God and his purpose was quiet amazing for his mission was to finish the walk were he had to go to, so he hid for 2 days in the Pilbara rangers as he heard that authorities were looking for him, a tracker found him and he was taken back to Tom Price for a good bath and with a good meal which he looked like he could do with it.

I understand the strength of people and their believes in God, or just the different types of religion through the world, but all so it should not cost you your life, it might have or might not have with this man that was on a mission in spreading the word of the Lord Jesus.. All i know is he will do what authorities have requested to do un till he gets his chance to walk again for God.


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