Saviour Of Men..The Belief Of God

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..

That the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

( 2 Timothy 3:16-17;2 )

I caught up with a mate over the last few days in a small country town called Brookton around 180.Ks south east out of the city. Matty is a one of a kind as he just helps people in all levels of life and the difficulties that may be around around their lives personal, family, from homeless, domestic, drugs and alcoholics he’s there for them at any time or any place an amazing guy when comes to his belief in god and the way he can help people of all life through his belief.

Matty is a Pastor so is his dad, Matty did the 5 + 2 year course through an American University in councillor work, with the study of the bible to be a pastor or higher in the church. He doesn’t preach it on me or the kids but will talk about what he’s doing and the work he does, i have worked with Matty on the street’s and go to his men’s group youth programs, breakfast for the homeless so i know his work really well.

This group of men are on a mission too work and let people know the message from God.

Jesus said to him.

If you believe.

All things are possible for one

Who believes.

Mark 9:23

Last night and early this morning around 15 men congregated at Matty’s, we sat around the table had a bite to eat and every one of them explained how they felt through Jesus in their savour. Some of the testimonials were graphically explained of were they were in life as they were at the lowest of life through drugs, alcohol loosing every thing from multi dollar businesses, house and possessions to family and friends. I just sat quiet head down listening to every word of what these men had and been through life.

All of them had said and believed that when they were at the lowest point of life.. God had spoken to them, touched them to the road of savour. One man explained that he was an alcoholic a very angry one at that, one night he was standing in the lounge after taking his frustration out on furniture he raised his arms with ( God I need Help ) with in seconds he was sober standing there with confusion of what just occurred, has not touched a drop of alcohol since 1998 through what had just occurred.

There was some a mazing testimonials from broken backs mental depression, loss of family through sickness or bad choices they have made with drugs and alcohol but what made me very quiet was every one of them have been spoken to or touched from God but no one had said that they have seen God.

Two guys i was really listening to was Brett & Rod.. twins.. i grew up with them and lost contact for 33 years un till last night. Now the two boys then were very well established businesses men in the building game making huge money one step of millionaires. I all ways wondered what happened and were they had gone, when i heard there stories it blew me away as they never seemed to be at that level hid it very well with every one that knew them, but sooner or later it raises it’s ugly head.

Through being touched and spoken to from the Lord Jesus both of them are very well known Pastors in the South West were they put a lot of work into the communities with the country towns, Rod explained that Jesus had told him what he wanted him to do with being a follower and teaching people of all ages to follow the Lord.. Brett was given the message to help with his brother’s word of the lord.


Should not be in the wisdom of men,

But in the power of God.

– 1 Corinthians 2:5

These men are so much on a mission in spreading the word of God through the country region, were i feel it’s a good thing as country towns do need to have a belief and if it’s the word of God it is truly one of meaning and belief.

I’m not a person that will mis judge people at all for any reason and there belief they have in life, but what can you say when 15 men put it out in front of other men that half only met last night through an invite to help spread the word of God, put out some very heavy and graphic details of there testimonials how they were touched and shown a direction to teach the word of the Lord.

I am the Lord Your God

Who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,



-Isaiah 41:13

I do believe in God and read the bible when i want a bit of a lift or just with interest. I do believe that there are many unexplained events that happen around the world with different religions and followers of the spiritual world, but the last two days has really got me asking so many questions of the Lord Jesus, and God..

I’m so much on a confusion path lost would be the correct way of explaining.. i cant explain what i saw.. each man said their testimonials with so much passion and belief of being resurrection in life through being spoken to with the graceful touch of direction in life, i know what i saw and heard so much so that it really has upset my day and asking..

I am with you

and will watch over you

wherever you go.

Genesis 28:15

The question with God.. are you with me.. do you hear me when i pray and ask for your forgiveness, how do you work and what is needed to be spoken to by you or the Lord Jesus with the direction of life..

Was it a sign to meet all these men in the last two days and especially Brett & Rod, what i do know what i saw and heard has me asking so many questions with so many things in life, is what tho ears and eyes saw of the last two days really being done in getting once very honoured men brought back to teach the word of God.

Each one of these men have gone leaps and bounds in life with there work, family’s, friends set up their lives very well and have done for many years the message they have been given was that they would meet and take the lords message to the streets and help people in life with their lives.


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