Hair For Men Is At A Great Level.

I have noticed lately that men in so many ways have really started to take care off them selfs with they dress look and style of hair cuts.

Even for me i’m going back to the way i was a few years ago, taken more interest how i am as person in personalty, the way i dress, my appearance and the way i approach things with my philosophy of life.

I mentioned the other day with the young guy Reece the barber, well what i noticed in the shop all the guys really take pride in the way they look and it starts with their hair down.

The thing i really liked is the way Reece takes so much care in the cut and style for the client is asking..he could up to 40 minutes making sure it’s cut precise to the way they want it cut.. In all the time iv’e been there i haven’t heard one complaint with any cut and they keep coming back to him.

I have been different in so many ways through out my life but id say in one way at the moment id be the most content in so many ways but i feel i have a long way to go, as we all should do.. we are never perfect in life or our selfs… I’m glad i met Reece and really liked the way he treated my two boys and grandson was excellent … so Canada it’s certainly a good thing he is going there he will cut your hair with pride and look after you plus you will meet a good honest man in life.



3 Replies to “Hair For Men Is At A Great Level.”

    1. It’s funny Roth and i’m not bragging but i go and get my beard an hair cut every fortnight as i work in the desert need to feel good for the 8 days Haha my hair dresser said to me yesterday my beard an hair grows so fast she was blown away how much she cuts off every cut.. Haha i thought as u got older it slowed down .. mine grows quicker Lol
      Have a good day buddy.

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      1. You are truly blessed! Mine started thinning when I was in college. My mom’s uncle had bowling ball heads so I guess it was inevitable. Thanks for sharing!


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