Were Have They Gone..The Old Barber…Lol

The Only Way To Do.



What You Do.


And thats is how i see this guy with his work as a Barber he loves it.

Reece first started cutting my hair 9 months ago i was introduced to him through the Tex, Wado & Kado they have being going to him for sometime. I walked into the shop thinking i’m not sure if i’m in the right spot for my age (thats this old thing)Lol for he cuts hair which is around 30 years out of my time..Lol as in today’s fashion with the youth of today.

Reece made me feel so welcome as soon as i walked in acknowledge me straight away with a smile followed with a hand shake, take a seat mate wont be long. It’s funny it’s that gesture of a welcome that can make you feel very comfortable. The music is so good in the back ground followed by great conversations.

How do you explain this guy ( so easy ) he’s one of a kind and reminds me of me in one way that is so important in life..he can communicate really well with any age any nationality of life, that’s missing so much in today’s society as communication is only done buy phone through texting or F.B.

Barbering Is The Art.

Of Creating.

Without An Eraser.

Final Cut.

I know women’s hairdresser’s are different in some ways, i call them the telegraph of hot gossip Haha no a fence ladies but if you want to know who or what’s happening in the community, or new shoes and styles of clothes it’s a good place to be. We still chat.. seems different as it’s more on what they have done or doing.. what motors there got under the hood.. today’s music.. AFL or any sport.. what it would be like to have money.. and their work.. the conversation of finance seems to be an interesting one.. and travelling were they have or going on the next trip.

Speaking of trips Reece is on his way to Canada for a few years, he’s going to be missed buy a lot of guys and i say a lot as he has built a great and huge client tell in the last three years at the shop. This is through his style of cutting and not afraid to try any cut at that.. he has a talent of shaping beards which i hear is an art on its own in this industry.. he cuts and shapes with real care and style when he cuts. To show where Reece is i have been in twice in the last month to get a hair cut and beard shaped i have seen up to seven to ten guys waiting every time to get their last cut from a man of high quality in so many ways.

Reece is off to Canada.. leaving Sunday our loss but For Whistler which is 20 minutes out of Pemberton your gain.. as Reece will be working at T.NT Barber an Tattoo shop in Whistler.

Now the great thing is through the friendship i have built up with Reece he has invited me to stay with him and his girlfriend for a while next year at Pemberton, i’m so looking forward to that, but more than any thing it was so good to even offer the gesture.. as i was getting my hair cut and beard shaped yesterday he mentioned several times to make sure i come over and stay with them.. ( Pemberton of Canada here i come Lol ).

I wish Reece and his Lady of his life all the best for there new adventure in Canada hope it all goes so well for you both..Reece i thank you for your friendship and the way you cut my hair with shaping the new beard with care… see ya next year Lol I’m Excited

Life Can Be Up There.

Life Can Be Down There.

Life Can Be Really There.

Life Can Change For The Better.

Life Can Change For The Worse.

Life Is There For You.

Life Is Through..Choice..Chance..Change

Yesterday For Today I made The Three C.s Of Life.

Life Is For Today and Tomorrow.

Life Is For Dreaming, Achieving, Enjoying.. The Good Of Today Is To Use The Experience’s Of Yesterday.



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