I’m Back..Lol..Not with out problems..Lol..

I refuse to go back to the old me.

I’m becoming a better person using my past experiences

As lessons.

Yes this trip was an interesting one at that in so many ways, work was hard and hot like 43 degrees plus, long days, with pressure we were on a very tight schedule with the roads.

But the most interesting part was being ganged up by three women.. Now short story for some reason these three specimen’s of society have got it in for me. In another short story therefore making life hard on some days it’s not something i’m loosing sleep over but does make the day a bit uncomfortable.

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone

Excepts you to be enraged.

And thats what i did just stood there thinking when the boss is haven a go at me in a perlite way, knowing were this is coming from and who it’s coming from..

Was i right or wrong id say i’m the only one that would be right with that answer.. What i will say as i listened and looked in the direction of three very evil women, the way they can turn a very harm full thing into a serious matter.

The moral of this every body in our camp had a good belly laugh over the matter and approached the boss on a few of the matter’s brought to his notice with the support off they have got it got all wrong. One thing i have learned at my age it takes all sorts from Men, Women, Kids, grandparents, friends of all nationalities through out the world. With a life time of 61 years it helps to work out on a good level in handling the situations that come into life every now and then with in the response thats comes from you i’m just the one with the lucky ticket to have three bitches in the one camp of 50 plus..Hahaha Lol.

I know who i am and what i stand for in life, don’t go to harm any one or hurt any one for any reason my philosophy is take the person for who they are, not what you want them to be.. i look at this way if you treat me with respect i return the respect in so many ways.. and life is to short to be a angry or create dramas for people that don’t need them. What it showed me even out in the middle of know where you can have people that have nothing better in life but to create problems for others .. and show know respect for who i am.. Thats all good and i keep going forward as for i am who i am and don’t have a problem with that.


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