Today For Tomorrow.

Today is another day and a good one at that, my grandson’s big day today turned 9, he had such a great day it’s funny he all ways has a great day, for a little guy he’s outlook on life is so good, better than some older people of todays society who thinks the world owes them, or just have a bad attitude with life.

Never regret yesterday.

Life is in you today and you make

you’r tomorrow.

L. Ron Hubbard.

It’s something we take for granted and thats the younger generation we can learn so much of them, and i say that with the kids who look at life in a good way, sometimes they see things we don’t see or don’t want to see.

I think it’s because they were brought into society with a different out look, we don’t have the news on at all in the house why would you it is all ways bad news..can’t remember the last time i saw happy news Hahaha.

Kado has his games on or the internet, even in his room listening to his music, but a lot of the times he’s playing sports or training which is good.

Were am i going with this.. easy.. today was really good same with yesterday and the day before.. why can i say that.. i don’t look at things the way i used to, some stress, some worry, and some deep thinking.

Life all ways offers you a second chance.

It’s called tomorrow.

Enjoy life Today because yesterday is gone.

And tomorrow is never promised.

It’s funny how simple things around you can give a very different out look on life, a better perspective, attitude towards different situation’s that occur in life.

One for me is a permanent position the shift i’m doing eight on – six off – but it’s good to get out of the city in a part of Australia that lets the mind roam for awhile with the thought of… thank you for this chance..were can i improve in life..the people i meet..tranquility of life is in front of me sometimes.. and all so the wages help me pay the bills which is better than can i pay 20 this week 10 next week.. It’s funny how life can change for the better or worse.

Today i’m in a better place.

Tomorrow will improve again.

I know every day might not be like today.

I know i’m in a better place prepared for tomorrow.

Today is for tomorrow.


I cant explain my thoughts for today or the way i’m thinking at the moment, i do know i still have that heart with no companion, but i’m so much happier in my self in today which prepares me for tomorrow.



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