A Little Story.

We all talk about someone in your life that you admire because of what they do and who they are, well mums mine.

Describing my mum is easy she lives to live for her kids and family but also herself . Mum is around 5.6 and very small frame of a lady, with the energy of a very fit lady in her twenties.

In mums early days she worked 3 jobs and brought up 4 kids kept the house spotless and still does to this day she is what we call a clean freak… you go over for a coffee she places it on the place mat and as ya pick it up to have a sip she is wiping the place mat Hahaha thats mum and has all ways been mum.

As a kid growing up into my teens i was pretty wild sort of a child i liked to live life pretty full on but didn’t steel or break into houses any of that stuff..just surfed, parted, chased girls, fought a lot other than that enjoyed life. With this there are mates and a lot were they would come over for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just wake up hung over to the max, but they loved her as she does them, still to this day a lot of my mates go in too see mum an dad all the time which is good and makes me feel proud.

Dad is the quiet one a very stern man that had the 1927 rules, dad was good just sat there and observed what was going on around the house, mum was the one that made and stuck to the rules of the house, Mmmm it’s funny dad was built like a man mountain and mum a very small lady but when she lost it we would be jumping fences Hahaha.

For nearly all my life i have called mum Ribs and to this day the only one that’s allowed to do so, that come through because of her frame and size, i walk in the house how ya dad, ribs.. it’s a son and mum thing, my 2 sisters and brother don’t dare say it as it’s a big son thing Hahaha..

One story out off many..When Ribs was in her late 40’s she was a heavy smoker nearly a packet a day, then one day one of her lungs collapsed and was rushed into hospital, took mum a long time to recovery. Through this fright of her and our lives, Ribs did something we were all surprised as she was not a sports person at all.

Mum and i when i was 19 year old.

My younger sister loved her sports like her big brother, cricket played for W.A state, triathlon’s and marathon’s.. Ribs decided she was going to do marathons she trained for 2 years very hard before she did her first half running marathon at 50 there was no stopping her she was averaging 7 to 8 events a year, ended up winning the medal for the best runner in the state for her age 4 years running which she did until the age of 61, then took up half walk marathons for the next 6 years and won so many medals and titles for her age bracket.

Ribs had a knee reconstruction at 68 stoped doing events but kept walking every day with her iPod and bottle of water wrist timer and off she would go rain hail or shine, mum was off after the house work and tea was prepared for the night, second knee reconstruction 2 years later mum was devastated i mean shot that this was happening to her, most off us would think i had a good run i’m happy mum is looking at what can she do now.

Now the doctors and medical at rehab were so surprised how good and quick was her recovery especially for her age, mums used to say them.. don’t speak rubbish age has nothing to do with it it’s the work you put in to your recovery.

Just one of mums healthy meals.

Mum got back into her walking, but wanted to do more wasn’t satisfied with that.. so joined the gym..did fitness cardio – boxing for fitness – weight’s for keeping the bone structure strong – mum could not swim at all if she needed it she was in trouble.. so mum decided to learn how to swim got all her medals except life saving Mmm Lol, to go the next step further her philosophy was if i’m going to train this hard i need the right fuel to go into the body, mum lives so healthy through her veggie garden and how she looks after herself my little sister and dad, we often say dad is going so strong for 91 because it’s the way mum looks after his diet program and many other things.

To finish off mum has not changed at all at 81 still trains 6 days a week and very hard at that.. with that watches and plans every thing they eat and drink, sends me recipes all the time, now mum being an Italian and a outstanding cook.. healthy food and her cooking is such a great recipe for the healthiest life style..lol i go over one a week when i’m home of shift for a great meal with the parents, course i go to see them as well Lol.

mum and dad in their younger days i was 3 at the time.

Mum and dad i’m very proud of them, they did it very hard in their early days of there life’s but there outlook and what they believe in is quiet amazing ( 91 & 81 ) is an achievement on it’s own these days but to be so good in their minds and body is a bonus and yes mum just finished her walk and stretches and is preparing a Bbq for me tonight with them, Lol love it love them.


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