Mum Is My Inspiration

Yes mum is my Inspiration and why do i say that – Easy her routine for the day starts like this.

Monday – 5.k walk 30 minutes of stretching when she gets home.

Tuesday – Walks to the gym 3.Ks works out for an hour walks home.

Wednesday – 40 minutes boxing circuit & 5.k walk.

Thursday – rest day.

Friday – 5.k walk gym 30 minutes.. in the arvo personal trainer 45 minutes.

Saturday – 5.k walk and then takes it easy for the day.

Sunday – Rowing machine for 30 minutes 2.k walk and then rest for the day.

The thing that i’m amazed at she is eighty one – now Mum lives 15 .Ks from Royal Perth hospital my sister works there, Shell takes mum into work and mum walks home once a fortnight, as mum saids it’s good for her to do the big one Lol.

Now what goes with this is the healthy life style. Mum watches every bit of food that goes into the kitchen.. Now mum looked up the Keto program that thousands of us are on and yes Mums on the program and has lost 9 kilos in 6 weeks, i’m amazed with mum and so is every body from friends, family, and all at the gym.

Some people are old at 18.

And some are young at 90.

Age is just a number.

Time is a concept that.

Humans Created.

I walk into mums house with a smile every time looking at her with the thought you are an amazing lady i’m so proud of you, with a hug she saids i feel so good today Paul.

Well done Mum.


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