It’s a word that some of us find hard to use or even say, yet it’s a word of the strongest thought that can change your way of thinking, doing every day things, taking challenges on, approaching people, with sports, and yes even at work.

When i wake of a morning i’m positive.

Today is my day.

Take on any challenges in front of me, there will be few i know.

It’s a new beginning but a good one at that.

I can handle more than i can think.

Im going to make someone happy today.

Life is great for me.


These can be so hard sometimes especially if you have had a shit day before, or received bad news, broken up with your loved one, lost your job.

Am i the one to write about such a strong part of our Attitude in life and the way we think, i believe i am in so many ways. All the situations i have found my self in, divorce, lost of income, the every day being a single parent, being on my own for 20 this Christmas 21 but am i counting Hahaha No no no no ooo not me Lol... i all ways thought the Grass is Greener On The Other Side..It will turn around for me.

Be Positive.

Be Happy.

Be Bright.

Be You.

And yes it’s fucking harder than writing about it.. but i do know as humans our mind is the most powerful thing it can destroy you sometimes, it can make you feel so many different emotions in life, but if you believe that things will get better, have the right attitude, and yes that word try and be positive that life is good and it will change for the better.

All ways end the day with a Positive thought.



14 Replies to “Positive”

      1. Your welcome Paul and thank you Paul, your words are always encouraging. I am so busy these days with Diwali festival in India that couldn’t gotten time for blogging. But will soon start writing. Take care 💕

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