Creation Of Life.

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself.

Life Is About Creating Yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

I Ask Myself Every Day I Wake Up.

Where Can I Improve Today In Me.

For Every Step Forward In Life.

Is Creating A Better You.


Life Is Short.

Time Is Fast.

No Replay.

No Rewind.

So enjoy every moment as it comes.

Don’t Waite For Everything To Be Perfect Before You Decide To Enjoy Your Life.

Wisdom Quotes.

No Ones Perfect In Life It Takes Hard Work And Learning.

To Bring It To The Level Of People Wanting To Be A Part Of You.


Yes i have learnt over 61 years that ( yes life is not easy ) but it’s a challenge every day with good rewards, and some not to good, but to create your life work hard, learn, listen, understand, take every day as it comes, every opportunity, bring in your experiences of life as you go.

Make the right Choice.

Take That Chance.

For That Change in life.

Create you in life so family, friends, work mates want to be a part of you, as you grow to be the person you want to be.

Life is not meant to be easy or how would we grow.



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