Who I Am.

I’m just your average guy, that enjoys the challenges of life, for what ever they are.

I’m one that loves his kids and family with the true friends that have been with me for my life.

I’m one that has nothing to hide, i’m what you see is what you get i will not be any one to please i’m just me.

I’m one that has life thoughts and philosophy’s with the ear of listening to others.

I’m one that wakes with a smile knowing that i have another day added to life.

I’m one that know’s i’m Me and i feel really good were Me is at the moment.

I’m one that feels age is not a barrier it’s one of a life time of experiences.

I’m one in believing that i have a lot to give to the right person, it’s just finding the one that wants what i can give.

I’m who i am, with the enjoyment of being who i am. Just Me.


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