The Change..Is It Good..Or Is It Bad..

Well things happen in life as we know – With in – and With out – of your self.. This is through the..3 C”s of Life.. Again i bring them up, and through the 3 C”s i have made them a serious part of my life in some ways, i way up if those three words fit into what i’m looking at to change my life for the better.

The 3 C’s Of Life




You must make the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything in life to Change.

I look at the choice’s i have made through the years and the experiences that have come with them, and with the chance i took if it made a change at all. Some did and some didn’t there is no worries with that.

In the last two years i had to make changes in my life, i wasn’t in a good place some times, i put that down to a bit of a man thing.. the thought of Failure, haven no Confidence, not understanding, knock backs are to list a few. Then i made a good choice in some ways.. i did another course one of 20 Lol.. to get on my feet or bring some sort of money to help me out a bit with bills and just living.

I have to admit it was not the job that i wanted at all but it helped and beggars can’t be choosey, the company mangers were fucked they had no people skills at all, and just wasn’t getting the hours i was getting further behind with my bills.

I was given a choice through a friend of my daughters.. FIFO never done it and at my age could i handle it being in extreme heat, harsh conditions, long days, and a complete turn around in life. I’m no hero at all far from it there are heap’s of old guys up there in the Pilbara working those conditions, the difference was they had done it for years i’m what they call a Green’y and a big one at that.

Change Your Energy.

Change Your Life.

That choice was given to me i took the chance and with that comes the change. One i’m enjoying very much in my life, which is given me an opportunity to get on with my life feeling more confident through this i’m looking at different ways that i can go in life.

The change is good and yes there are some bad things that come with it, but through experiencing different situations in life i feel i’m going in the right direction in life.

With this comes the change in your appearance , the way you act, talk, and present your self to society every time you walk out the door. I’m not one that care what people think of me or worry how i look, i like being tidy with in my self and dress reasonable i think.

Iv’e been on the Keto Program because i didn’t feel fat i fucking looked it wow what a slob, slowly i’m loosing weight.. feeling better with in myself and looking a bit better than before.. Go to the gym, walk, don’t drink no drugs hahaha wasn’t a big one any way with that. I’m enjoying it and just seeing how it all pans out Lol.. Life is Ok and i still need to keep going for the better for me with understanding not every day is heaven but i certainly can try to make it like that Hahaha Lol.


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