Is Happiness The Key To Life.

Happiness Is An Inside Job.

Don’t Assign Anyone Else That Much Power.

Over You LIFE.

I believe that most of us spend a life time in searching for Happiness outside of our selfs. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something you are in your self it comes from the way we think, look, being positive or negative and the people we have around us can make us Unhappy Or Happy in life.

How many times in life were i wasn’t the happiest guy in my self, ( lost count ) and kept it in my self as i’m firm believer don’t bring the people around you down it’s not there problem. Life does begin with having a purpose, setting goals, follow your dreams no one else’s, understanding were you are and were do you want to be.

Yes it’s so true Money the evil of life can make you happy, for me now i am a lot happier knowing i can pay my bills when they come in, i can buy things that i need, i can go out and have a coffee with out asking my kids to buy me one. But is it the key to full life of Happiness ? To answer that it is the major key to life.. But only because that is the way society and life is now all over the world, but also there are people that have nothing and are so much happier than people that have every thing in life.

Through experience with life as you get older i don’t know what it is but i look at different perspectives in life.

  • Thank You – it’s a simple word if i’m Thanked for something iv’e said or done, or me thanking them for there service or being a knowledge with the simple words Of Good Morning, Have A Great Day.. simple.
  • Help – someone who needs an assistance, or enable colleagues to help each other. Or i call it my Good Deed For The Day, which could be simple.. open a door for the young or old, pick up and article if it’s been dropped in front of you with the return of a smile, just being polite with in your self towards other’s.
  • Socialise – This can be a hard one for some people for most of us id say we get into the comfort zone of who we know and stay with that connection… I’m out to meet new people all the time if there is a conversation to be held i’m there Hahaha.. I do that with Men & Women Haha Mmm and i’m fucking still a single man of 20 years.. Lol another story..
  • Smile – Whenever you can it dose not cost any thing at all and it’s one of the easiest thing to do in life.. eye contact with a smile is a way of saying hello have a good day with out stopping and parting the lips for a conversation, do it in a good gesture not one were you make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Aim – For goals that are reachable and can be managed, sometimes or most time reaching your goals can certainly make you very happy.
  • Meet the world with a positive attitude.
  • Smile at and befriend others.
  • Cut us all a little slack.
  • Be consciously grateful for all that you do have rather than worrying about why you do not.

I know and understand that it is easer said than done as there are objects of life that are put in front of us that can make it very hard, but i’m happy i wake up every day, i’m happy to see my kids and that great smile of my grandson with good morning pop, i’m happy knowing i have good family and friends around me, I’m happy in my work, and i’m happy that for every blog i write it might just touch one person through out the world, at the moment i’m happy that i’m seeing a different me in life.

Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.

Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.

Happiness starts with you. Not your relationship, not with your job, not with your money, But With You.

I have learned one of the greatest things in life through my 61 years of living is i’m at my best when i’m Happy With In Me.


3 responses to “Is Happiness The Key To Life.”

  1. Happiness is feeling….just count how many times you get this feeling in a day or what actions make you happy. And start doing that what makes you happy. I know it’s easy to say that as you have written in your blog but by following simple steps we can try to be happy at least. I liked all your pointers. Happy Sunday 💕😇💐

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