When you feel burned out.

Today i feel really burned out just pushed a bit hard this week through the big shift and hitting the gym taking Kado out every day with trying to do a lot in 6 days Lol. There is every now and then when your body tells you to slow down and when it does take note it’s telling you for a reason.

  • Exhaustion = all ways feeling Tired all the time, can all so be emotional, mental or physical, with the lack of energy.
  • Lack Of Motivation = When you don’t feel enthusiastic about anything anymore or you no longer have the internal motivation to do too much, there is a good chance you’re experiencing a burnout.
  • Slipping Job Performance = Not sure you are burnt out ? Compare your job performance in previous years. Because burnout tends to happen over an extended period of time, taking this long-term view might reveal whether you’re in a temporary slump or experiencing more chronic burnout, it happens to all of us as we get that bit older each year.
  • Not Taking care Of Yourself = If you are suffering from a burnout, some people engage in unhealthy coping strategies like drinking too much, smoking, being to sedentary, eating too much junk food, not eating enough or not getting enough sleep. Or you could be relying on sleeping pills to sleep, all of this is not the answer to help you recover on getting on top of things again.

Sometime in life we will fill burnt out, tired, lack of energy, down and out the body feels slump and not liking the idea of doing to much.

If it gets to the stage were you have gone down hill or going that way real quick, use some annual leave to give you a break from work for awhile. Calm your mind from the mental side of feeling down & out, just go were you can relax the body and mind, i find beach walks are good the ocean certainly helps calm the mind, Meditation-Reiki-Yoga helps calm the mind, or just put on some relaxation music close the eyes and slow breaths can help as well.

The key is to pick up your sleep try to go to bed with a clear mind which is not easy sometimes but if you can it will help, a relaxation bath with Aroma therapy with burners on the side or put a few drops straight in the bath. When you are burnout shut your phone for a while try not to drink too much coffee learn how to schedule your relaxing time. I personally find by going for a walk long the river with good relaxing music, eating the right foods, get more sleep, drinking plenty of water, even go to the movies on my own helps relax the mind as i’m not thinking of too much watching the film.


The Most Productive Thing You Can Do Is.

Just Rest.

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.

One thing i’m learning as i get older, listen to the signs your body is telling you, understand when it’s time to pull back and look after yourself doesn’t take much, be smarter not smart as it is worth listening to your signs, the biggest key is knowing it just takes to pull back every now and then to look after yourself in getting back on your feet to your best.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m the same age as yourself, and yeah I’m finding it more and more important to listen to the body to avoid burnout. I try to live a very active life, but it does catch up with oneself. I know I can’t do nearly as much as when I was half my age at thirty. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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