Long Way To Go

Went over to mums for tea.. what can i say but good on ya mum.. you know when you go to your mums it’s going to be healthy and a stunning meal. Lol.

This photo is my motivation to see what depression and nothing going right in life can do too you, but also really didn’t care for myself.

The Photo on the left was taken 3 weeks ago and on the right today.. i’m so proud but also know i have a long way to go in eight weeks of being serious i have lost 11.4 kilos and my daughter has lost 8.3 and i am really proud of Toots.

We walk twice a day and both watch and stick to the Keto program and love it.. my goal is 20 Kilos plus by Christmas.. Well done Toots so proud of you and thank you for keeping me focused.


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