A Weekend Of Deep Thought.

Well it’s been an interesting sort of break.. i just kept away form every one with time to myself in positive and negative thinking on what & were i’m going in life.

A persons mind is so powerful. We can invent, create, experience, and destroy things with thoughts alone.

I went to the three C’s Of Life.. Choice..Chance..Change.. I thought of the decisions i have made and about to make with the CHOICE’S i have made and about to make..the CHANCES i have taken..with the CHANGES that i have or will make in life.

I Have Been Given A Choice..

Took The Chance..

I’m Enjoying The Change..


I would say that it’s been a very up and down ride in the last 2 years and with many more to come, at the moment i’m just looking at going forward and yes i understand there will be some hurdles in front of me. Id like to think that the goals i’m setting and what i want to achieve can work for me.

Yes life is not easy and yes it can be hard, but also it can be rewarding in so many ways.. I understand the power of thought and yes i understand that the key is don’t try to over think it., other wise you can make it unreachable. At the moment my thought is if i’m given a choice, understand why.. Weigh in the chance that comes with it if it works for you or against, how you can benefit in life through it.. Once you make that decision enjoy the change that it brings into your life.


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