Attitude With Life.

Great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life.

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What Is Attitude ? It’s a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person or situation. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action, and response to challenges, incentives, and rewards ( together called stimuli ).

Through out my life as a young person i have had many experiences were my Attitude can make or break a position that i have held in work or as a coach through sports, and the people around me as i grow but i have learned as a parent bring up the kids, i needed to set boundaries through life with them for this i also learned that i need to have the right Attitude with there upbringing with life.

ATTITUDE is a Choice – choose wisely.

Our attitude is what influences all our actions. It’s the right attitude that gets us good results. To me the hardest thing in life is the way you look at the perspective of life around you, with the good, bad, happy, sad situations in every day living thats around you. For me i have gone through all the symptoms of life and have to look at things how i change them for the better or worse, for the changes to happen is the ATTITUDE i have towards them.

Strong and positive ATTITUDE creates more miracles than any other thing, because LIFE is 10% how you make it, and 90% how you TAKE IT.

Just in the last few years i have experienced the situation of haven no position in the work force, no money to pay bills, knocking on doors for help and being embarrassed off the situation i was in. I endured the negative Attitude towards it quiet a few times it’s a jean that seems to be in our system as humans when you feel you have no were to turn.

But i needed to learn that it’s going to improve and i’m heading in the right direction, you have to learn to have the right Attitude with all the knocks, rejects and negatives with the journey that is created with the situation thats in front of you. Through this not only do you have to have the right mind set but the right people around you.

We cannot change the past we can not change the fact that people will act in a certain way.

We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is plan on the one thing that we have, and that is our ATTITUDE.

Do i believe i’m the best or have the right Attitude all the time – No far from it i work at it when the times are bad, or i’m unhappy, feeling down but i also know with the people i work with and the people around me, my kids, family and friends it’s not there problem or situation i’m in, through this i try and stay positive with the right ATTITUDE around them.. with in this the right attitude is towards them which creates it around me.

There is so much to learn in life that can create, make or break you and the people around you in your life, ( A ) for Attitude stands right up in front of you, that simple eight letter word can create life for the better or worse that’s in front of you by haven the Positive Attitude towards Life.

Attitude is everything in Life.

Life is the Positive Attitude.


3 responses to “Attitude With Life.”

  1. I like this read a lot. Recently things had happened to me and my attitude was bad it was real bad. I even cursed the divine a couple times, I think three.. Not a 100% sure If anyone else notices this but the more negative my attitude toward people places and things were the more it in its self seemed to perpetuate more negative happenings. Lol really I wonder does it in its self make it even worse kinda thing like the snow ball rolling down the hill? Good morning read I’m sticking to that today “-“ thanks for sure. Went great with coffee as I get started.

    • Thank you Kristina, i’m so glad that you read it and it meant something to you i appreciate it indeed. We all go through a period in life were our Attitude needs to be brought back into perspective with our lives, I went through a bad 18 months but i was determined to have the right attitude towards the problems that keep coming in front of me.. i can say i got my days were it wasn’t right there is no problem with that.. Lol.. it’s hard some times and it helps when you have good people around you.. I hope the snow ball has stoped for you with going back up the mountain and every thing is good for you.
      Thanks again Kristinaand have a good day.

      • Yes it’s just how you say. Someday no problem and others seems like a problem. 😁 But the good news is I do have a somewhat of a say in which prospective I entertain. Thank you

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