Eight & I’m Back Lol

How quick did that eight go – the days just flew an back to my 1st life Haha that’s how it sort of is in one way. When you go up to the Pilbara it’s certainly a different style of life the way you live and work.. So i call that my second life.

I’m getting to know all the crew as the weeks go by.. it docent matter were you work there is all ways a Wanker some were in there and yes we have one..1 out of 40 is all good… but besides him all them women and men are all good and very good honest people to be with.

My new little mate. Lol

The thing i like even at camp meeting some really good people, the ones that work at camp or on the minds, there are so many different nationality’s on site but every one fits in so well.. Saturday night was Comedy night and Sunday was Karaoke Night with prize money of 500 for both nights.. it was very entertaining indeed.

See You Six days

Well back in Perth and so great to my Kids and grand son and yes good to be home for 6 days Lol.



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