A Man And His Feelings.

It’s a shame

When the things that are on your mind

and in your heart never reach your Lips.

Is there a thing were we as men don’t say how we see things or how we feel about situations with our lives.

Do people mistake my silence for ignorance my calmness for acceptance or the kindness for weakness. We have all got feeling it’s the way we show and use our feelings, some of us are open and some only chat to the people they trust only, and some don’t say a word and keep it inside them for a life time.

Sometimes in life, you just need a hug.

No words, no advise, just a hug to make you feel better.

Healthy Place.

Id say i’m one for not letting how i feel out, i would say it’s more because i really don’t have any one to talk too and let them know how i feel with different things in life. I don’t talk to my kids the way i feel with my feelings and emotions as there is only so much you can chat to them about, as for me i feel i have to show my kids my strength in life not my weakness.

I have looked at talking to different people as in Counsellors, or chaplains but then i feel i don’t need for them to know what i feel. So for me to get around this, i go into my room which is my office and let my feelings through my thoughts of writing why listening to music of the mood thats with me at the time. I suppose in one way i really don’t have too many problems in life, not as many as people can have through out the world of todays society.

The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn’t good enough.

Mental health in FIFO work is a huge issue with men and women in the industry.. they mis a lot of time with there family and kids..do 168 hours straight in 12 days with most positions hold a lot off pressure as in production is a major key to the Iron Ore Industry.

Even with our work on the roads its the pressure of getting the Road Trains through the roads so production keeps moving some day’s we could have up to 150 + going through the site with tourist and LV’s, Flat trays, Water trucks, Service trucks and many more we could have a good day over 500 vehicles going through and making sure the grader driver, rollers, dozers, tippers water trucks are all safe working on the site.

Life is only as good as you make it.

Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.

For me i’m really enjoying the job but then over the last few weeks something has pop up on the 8th day and it’s of no fault of any ones at work. All the ladies and men are so excited to go home and see there loved ones and family, were i go home and see my kids but my heart is empty and i get down knowing i have no one for to me too kiss and a cuddle with the follow how was your swing at the Pilbara.

What can i say it’s another hurdle i have to try and work out how to get around it and understand why i have no one in my life, it’s an issue with any problem i have in life it all ways rears it’s head up as i have no one to chat about any thing in my life, but in saying that all is good as i know i can get around it as i have for 20 years, just a bit bigger to hurdle.

You have to be at your strongest when your feeling at your weakest.


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