2 To Go.

Today is Sunday and a good one at that beautiful day, i’m off to watch the team i coached for several years play the Grand Final it should be a cracker of a game.

Off to the land of Red & Blue sky.

Got a tex message all flights booked in Tuesday 5.20 am, that is the hardest day being up at 3.am at the airport by 4. book in and wait for the 2 hour flight... So this trip is going to be interesting as i’m going to be put more in the lions den as we say, need to go to the next level with my job, taking more control with the site and the road crew.

Stunning soundings.

Yes i do look forward to this trip, it’s like living two different lives in one respect, eight days full on with work and living camp life which is pretty good in some ways.. I have met so many good people with all the same structure of life with their lives, were up here to set a better life style for the future which is a really good concept in life.

What can i say.

Bags are packed ready to go just waiting for Tuesday, Tara gets a bit annoyed with me, dad are you in a hurry Hahaha she is so good just loves haven dad around the house.. but eight day’s and home for six thats a good life style. The big thing i’m a justing for is the heat at the moment it’s around 30 degrees and climbing slowly day by day with the heat being at constant 45 to 50 degrees every day Lol.. I’m going to feel like bacon being cooked but it’s all apart of the mighty Pilbara.


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