10 Gone 25+ To Go..

Looking at these photos in disgust seriously.. i understand why i’m a lone Haha another story.

If there is any thing in learning on a health program Do Not Weigh Yourself Every Day or Week.. that can really knock the sails out of you with the feeling this is not working an the slight mental approach of depression.

I weigh in every 8 weeks i find through this it keeps my goal’s in front of me and gives me a better chance to achieve. I weighed in before our walk and have dropped 10.Kilos thats around 1.2 a week roughly.

Now take into consideration that your weight loss varies.. One week you could drop 2 kilos, one week 1 or 200 grams and could stay even which is better than gaining weight.. Also take into thought if you are doing weights or vigour’;s exercises ( Muscle is heavier that fat ) so the more muscle you put on the heaver you will seem, but really you are what is called tightening the body and starting to take good shape.

With my program i’m walking in the morning and in the evening.. i only do 3 Ks per walk so 6 Ks per day 6×7=42 per week which is ok keeps the legs and body moving.. I go to the Gym Wednesday, Thursday – Friday off – Saturday, Sunday – Monday off as getting ready to fly out Tuesday.

My program is a lot of stretching – 15 minutes on bike to warm up – work on top half one day legs the next – core and back.. I work on light weight high reps which is on lose weight and tone up.. For example if i do Bench Press x 40 Kilos 5 sets 8 repsSquats x 50 kilos 5 sets 6 reps – Deadlift x 80 kilos 5 sets 5 reps and then work with Kettle bell’s, rowing machine for 5 minutes that kills, fitness needs to be better to work hard on that one, bar bells and the machines around the gym.

Id say i don’t go hard like i might have 40 years ago, i go steady with 1 minute break in between reps working with weights and depends on the weight 1 to 2 minutes is good to give the body it’s break in between reps.

I have a long way to go and understand Rome wasn’t built in a day, but what i am doing is enjoying the program with the exercise, food & drink what the Keto program teaches you how to maintain and look after your body for a life time, as some programs you loose a huge amount of weight in 6 months and put twice the amount on in 6 months Hahaha .. It’s better to learn for life than gain in 6 months.

Looking forward to the next 8 weeks Lol.



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