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Keto.. Spaghetti.. Mmm Lick The Lips

My daughter and i got into the prepping as she is now into the Keto program.. Broccoli, asparagus, onion, carrot only a very small one, red capstan, snow peas, mushroom, garlic and herbs & 3 celery sticks cut fine the final touch chicken cut fine.

Two table spoons of virgin oil, added garlic & onion mixed well added one jar of Legos Bolognans sauce blended in with garlic & onion, added veggies second bottle of Legos Bolognans sauce.. ( the sauce has only 3.0 carbs and 0.1 sugar ) it’s the healthiest jar of sauce on the market with garlic and herbs mix in,

Cook chicken three quarter cooked added garlic with 2 table spoons of virgin oil.. Drain the chicken add to the pan of ingredients.

Mix well in all ingredients into the pan.. then put lid on and simmer for 20 minutes with every 5 minutes tiring the mix in.

Spaghetti drain throughly out of pack put into a near boil pot of water for 5 minutes.

(1) Spaghetti served into bowl.

(2) Mix with veggies.

(3) Add olives an chillies.

And then enjoy one of the best and healthiest pasta meals you could have, the hardest thing with this meal is the prepping, cooking it is a breeze eating it is licking the lips of no return.


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