Is There An Over Kill When It Comes To The Body.

I really don’t believe there is if any thing you can do so much more to make the Body & Mind be at its peak condition.

My daughter and i go for a 3 kilometre walk in the morning and at night so 6 Ks every day i go to the gym Wednesday, Thursday rest day Friday back Saturday & Sunday rest day Monday before fly out Tuesday.

You can’t over kill the health as in eating and drinking the right products that are good for the body and soul.. But when it comes to the exercises and the work rate that you do them at, there has to be a couple of rest days in between your work rate.

Life is time and a lot at that remember every thing comes in time so if your at the level were you feel like you need to get your weight down because your fat like me and unhealthy.. It all takes time and the great thing is that as the Results start coming in and you feel good inside you go to the next level of your program with enjoyment.


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