First Try.

Well i was excited i just felt like a new chef trying a meal of his spring recipe Lol.. Into the kitchen i go kick every one out as i need to be delicate with the cuts and prepping of good quality veggies.

An hour cruises past as i watch the pan do it’s work after adding the ingredients followed by the veggies an then the chicken which i three quarterly cooked before adding.. let the pan do its magic with a gentle stir every 5 minutes for 20 minutes.

What can i say it was stunning, it was of those meals were you just finish eating with the lick of the lips ( Fuck that was so good Lol ) Hahaha.. The good part about all this it was such a healthy and good for you meal.. Excellent.

Do i feel guilty No Way a very healthy sweet.. Mmm if there is one thing i’m enjoying in life is the benefits for your body and mind in living healthy.


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