Keto Program What Can I Say.

Went to mums for tea last night.. Mmmm wow as usual i walk out of there knowing i just ate another brilliant meal Lol Haha am i being byes because it’s my mum.. Na far from it i speak the truth Haha.

As my mum does she loves to look after me even at 61 Lol Mum wants to make sure that i’m all good haven’t a problem with that at all. As she saids and ask’s the question.. Paul ( me ) every thing good and are you on the Keto Diet .. id like to go over a few things with you to make it even better.

Very healthy no Carbs 1.0 – Fat 1.5 good in Protein and Fibre excellent for cooking with fish, rissoles, and making pancakes with most cooking in flour.

Average serving 100g – energy 324 J -protein 0.5g – fat total 0.3g – carbohydrate 0.3g – sugar 0.01 – sodium 1.3 mg i had a cup today not bad it’s ok.

Energy protein 413 kj – protein 5.0 – gluten Nil Detected – fat total 8.2g – saturated 1.4 – carbohydrate 0.2g – sugar 0.2g – dietary fibre 2.6 – sodium 60 mg I had 3 biscuits with a tin of fish, tomato, lettuce, avocado, excellent they taste so nice and filling.

Energy 514 j – protein less that 1g – gluten 0.0 – fat total less than 1g – saturated less than 1g – carbohydrate less than 1g – sugar less than 1g i can this for tea tomorrow night with chicken and veggies Mmmm.

This rooibos ( also Known as redbush ) is grown on a small organic farm amongst the clean and pure water streams of the Cedarberg Moutains, in South Africa the same way it has been for centuries.

It is then hand harvested and left to dry in the sun, the same way the Kohoisan people have done it for millennia. When cut and fermented, the leaves of the Rooibos plant turn a rich argangey-red colour, and it is this distinctive colour which led to the Afrikaans name rooibos meaning red bush.. A very good cup tea with milk or out so nice a little bit stronger that your normal tea is but good to have.

Energy 275 – protein 6.5 cal – gluten 0.2 – fat 3.3g – saturated fat – 0.01g – carbohydrate 1.9g – sugar 1.7g – dietary fibre 3.5g – sodium 2.2g sodium 1.3mg . I tried a small piece at mums Haha excellent strong and a bit rich but nice chocolate. Lol just a small bit Haha

As mum explains it is a good way to cook a currie for a single guy ( that’s me Lol ) So tonight it’s on Haha – Veggies – broccoli – snow peas – carrot – mushrooms – spinach just a taste – chicken cut up and the ingredient’s added with an avocado cut in slices put around the edge of the currie for me a couple of chillies Hahaha Lol.

All ready done for sweets an in the fridge – a great way to finish a hearty meal – blueberry – almonds put through the blender with half a cup of not fat cream – 1 inch of cream on top with a few solid blueberry’s put very gently on top of mix.

The Keto program is so good and a special thanks to a very special lady My Mum Lol every man loves his mum Haha.



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