Yes today is another day and a good one at that.. Why do i say that.. Thats how i look at every day doesn’t have to be sunny it can be raining, i just believe today is my day.

I read this great quote and there is some truth in it.

Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow.

It’s funny i quote that in today is my day, when i was out of work for 18 months going to the Food bank with my stamps, asking the Salvation Army to help pay my phone account, ringing Synergy to see if i can pay 20 dollars a week on my electricity account.. I really tried to believe that it will turn around in life.

I had my good days and bad days there is no worries about that, and ill have them in the future, but i all so believe that if you keep looking at what your goal is and try and keep happy for what ever day you have it does change for the better.

You can wake up every day, and make today better than the last.


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