Life At 61.

I see this train as my journey to life.. it has so many chapters to my life, with the CHOICES, CHANCES & CHANGES.. To get too were i am with the age of 61.

As i wake and look around there is this feeling that goes through me knowing i’m a year older, with the pure realisation that today i’m 61..

Lol.. It’s funny there are so many thing i can Change in life with the direction and Choices i decide to go with or that is made for me, the Changes i make no one else does that for me there my decisions i make in life, with taking Chances for the better or worse this is what make’s life interesting Knowing i can make a Choice or take a Chance with the Changes of my life, with the numbers that go up one at a time every year..(60 + 1 = 61) Lol.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are.

I want to show i have balls at age 61.

Just because society says i’m old doesn’t mean that i am.

I’m Pursing happiness, even if it makes the people around me unhappy.

I Find this the hardest day off my life i really do..not because of the number and each year that life progress into.. it’s the thought of being on my own that hits me hard and no one to give me that cuddle and kiss with the follow Happy Birthday love.

Do i feel like a soft cock na far from it.. it’s a saying of not being a man here.. it’s just something that i’m a little worried about the hardest days for me is..

Birthday’s, Christmas, Easter, Changes in life that can be so good and happy for you, the lose of a friend or family member, being sick with no one to bring in that nice bowl of soup asking if your ok, haven a laugh or a cry together, understanding the emotions of each other, haven the good and bad days that make the relationship, growing up with the kids together, and being my best mate is so important to me as well the good bits of a relationship Lol Hahaha.

What Have I Learnt In Life Of 61 Years.

Respect.. Such a powerful word in life, it’s one that doesn’t mean of age, colour, nationality, what they do for work its a word that should be for every one you meet and work with in life or the sports you play or who you play, the people you work with and (so on so on) It’s a shame it’s a word that is nearly lost in todays society..there seems to be no meaning to the word of Respect.

Loyalty.. This word means i am down with you whether you are Wrong Or Right, But i will tell you when you are Wrong and together we will help get it Right. To me Loyalty & Respect goes both ways. If they don’t return it, they don’t deserve mine. In saying that am i nasty with those words no i just don’t associate with that person or them as life is too short, I believe people take me for who i am.. For who i are as a person, not for what they want me to be.

Friendship.. Do i contradict myself in saying that as i don’t see my friends as much as i do.. But my Friends are Truly my friends.. even if we don’t see each other as much as we do or we live half way around the world Distance can’t sever that connection, As best friends we can survive anything and we are there for each other when things might be going down in life.. As best friends we do pick up were we left off and we can knock on there door knowing that it opens with the smile and hug that saids so glad to see ya how ya been..Come in... LOVE.. love my kids, family, true mates & friends and friends.

Again my life changes for the better were a month ago it was not looking good, not in what i had around me with the support of my Kids, Family & Friends, it was that security of life and one of the most important it’s called Money & Direction of life.

I have done so many things in 61 years off my life.. In saying that i don’t hold any regrets in what i should have, could have, didn’t do in life. Sometimes i might look at what i did do, what i should not have done, or maybe if i did.. but i don’t regret were i am and what i have done with my 61 years off my life.

I have done so much and right or wrong i have done more than so many people have experienced in a life time.

We’re do i see my life and what has been 61 years of it. I feel i’m pretty lucky in so many ways of the experiences i have and had in life.. As a young person my life was really good my parents were excellent in there up bring, through my teens i grew up in the 70s and 80s were i believe that was the changing of society and the world coming out of the 60s.

Manger of hotels and night clubs in my very early 20s hosting and meeting some of the biggest band’s through entertainment and making a life of friends with them, were i can still call them friends. Lived my dream for 10 years photographing the best sportsmen and team’s through out Australia with so many sports, Coached top sportsmen and women in strength and conditioning, and great teams and clubs.. Worked the streets with crack heads, alcoholic’s, and the homeless that made me realise that my hard times weren’t as bad i thought compared to the people i was working and helping with in their life.

Worked as a Gardner for many years meeting great people on the way.. Surfed and travelled through out Australia haven built long lasting friendship that still exist today.. Had a relationship with a lady that gave me 20 fantastic years of my life and one i will always carrie of something very special in so many ways, didn’t end the way i wanted to but we are still good mates & through Maree i have two of the best kids with the greatest little mate of my life My Grandson.

Now and as of today at 61 life has changed again i’m doing what they call in Australia FIFO fly in fly out in the N.T or were i am the Pilbara.. see some say you are fucking mad at your age as it is such a huge change in life and a hard one for were you are situated .. For me 8 days on 6 days off is brilliant absolutely love it and again building up such great friendship with the people in the camp and who i work with, through this change of my life i look at it as another experience in life and one that will improve me as a human and the man i want to be.

To finish off as i come to a closer with this post.. i understand life more, i appreciate life for the better and worse more, i love and appreciate the people that have gone with me on my journey and many many more to have.. My kids are my life and have taught me so many things with in me as a person, i’ve learnt to be a good human and the true meaning of being a good man..Does that make me perfect in life Fuck Na far from it.. What it has done put all the experiences.. The challenges.. The hard times good times.. The bond of many friends, family and the kids.. In Learning and understanding of life take them with us as you grow with life..

We can’t really appreciate life until it has knocked us down a few times.. We can’t really begin to appreciate love until your heart has been broken. And we can not really appreciate happiness until we have felt sadness.. Once we have experienced these as a part of our life we appreciate the meaning and true value to life.

There is one thing i know i still have and know that it’s something i can give to a very special lady which is Love.. but i all so understand if my destiny means i’m on my own for the rest of my life.. i believe and learnt in life every thing has a meaning an cause in the direction with your life, as every thing in my life i have learnt to grow and understand were and how this journey of life has taken me.

Am i happy at 61 ? There are a few holes to fill but in saying that Yes i’m a happy man were it is at the moment.

#Lifeat61 Lol

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