The 3 Cs Of Life

CHOICES = As life goes on for us we make the Choice with so many things in life.. Through Work, Sports, Music, Clothes we ware, and many more. Every thing we do is a reflection of a choice we have made good or bad, if we want a different result we make a different choice in life.

In every single thing we do, we are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices.

CHANCES = That one word can make you think in so many ways as we grow through life.. Ask yourself how many times do we ask ourselves – do i take that chance – Its a great chance – Do I take this chance – I deserve the second chance.. I have learnt through life in the end i only regret the chance i didn’t Take In Life.

Life always offers us a second chance..It’s called TOMORROW.

CHANGES = This is a word that suits me right down the line as i have made so many changes in life good or bad but there changes I’ve made in growing up as a kid to an adult. Changes can scare you, break you, make it for you, with the style we look, live, dress, jobs, love, cars but we all make them regular through life sometimes with thinking about the change that i’m taking sometimes just jumping in there with out thinking but we do it for the good or bad of life.

Only You Can Change Your Life..No One Can Do It For You.

You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE.

Through life i have made Choices that have been the right one’s for me or haven’t worked for me.. some Choices have been made for me that have put me in a bad way or have been better for me in some way. I’ve also taken Chances that have Changed my life in some way. For what ever reason in taken the chances it takes thought and courage as that Chance can be for the better or worse, but to live life and see were it goes we need to take it.

There is that saying the ( The Grass is greener on the other side – Or -One door opens as one door closes – A change is as good as a dollar ) Something like that.. we all have opened another door as one closes but it’s through taking that Chance from the Choice we make to have a Change in life.

I was given a choice two years ago one off not mine to be made it was made for me, through this i needed to take a chance and make a change in life with my direction with work. To say i was worried were i was going would be an understatement in life, i have to say i set a goal for a direction that i needed to go and believed it will get better for me.. 18 months later.

The CHOICE that was made for me gave me the CHANCE to make and create a huge CHANGE in life.. not then but now i’m glad and thank the support of friends, family and my kids, also believing that you are never to old.. To make a Choice in taking that Chance for a better Change in LIFE.


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