Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads Of The World..

The greatest thing of my LIFE is Being a DAD.. Love it .. and today was that day were my kids make me feel so special in life.

I’m a very lucky man as i have my Daughter.. Tara.. Son.. Wade.. Son In Law.. Dallas and i’m so proud to call Dallas my son as he has lived with me for around 10 years with Toots, Wade and the greatest Grandson a man could ask for Kado.

As you get older your thoughts of life and the way it works have changes the way you think and look at philosophies of life.. Well Mine Do maybe i’m abnormal i don’t know.. but i look at things in a different manner and thought.

I went over to mums yesterday and got fed and looked after like a king Mmm King Mags has a good note to that.. ( Lol ). I sat there quietly looking around and it was so good to see dad that he had most of the kids and grandkids around him haven lunch and a great laugh, you could see he was so happy and content.. his face spoke for his happiness i was so proud to have my 3 kids and grandson with him made my day as well as his.

Well to finish off the kids have thrown every thing at me today in presents and breakfast at the Dome and we just had 2 kilos of chilly muscles Mmmm yum. Yes being a father or dad for me it’s a special thing in life and one i’m enjoying so much Love my kids..

Being a dad is my most important job because it not only affects my children, but their children and Many Generations to Come.

Have A Great Day To All The Dads OffThe World.

Thanks guys for such a great day Love Ya’s.

Life is good at 60 love it Lol.


9 responses to “Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads Of The World..”

  1. A very happy father’s day to you! I really loved the sayings of the father. Fathers really do make the whole world a beautiful place. And the quote “Son’s first hero and Daughter’s first love” is perfect. Of all I have known of you, you certainly are a very caring dad! 🙂

    • thank you they are such kind words and have made me a bit teary not because of what you said but because it means so much to me coming from a young lady that only knows me through here… thank u so much between you and my kids i have had the best father’s day.
      thank you so much.

      • I thank you deeply too. To be really honest, I myself get a little emotional, when I talk about family, which means my life to me. And WordPress, has given me a new family and life and introduced me to many an amazing person, near and faraway in the world.
        And yes, you don’t have to meet a person through eyes to know how good they are. Writings from heart do express much that words can never tell.
        You certainly are an invaluable person, shining in WordPress! Your family must be really proud of you! (: <3

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