The Night Before.

It sounds scary but it’s not, really it’s the opposite. As we know tomorrow is fathers day in Australia, and my mum is the traditional of putting on a fathers day spread.

I dropped into mums the other day and the kitchen was in full swing with prepping for the traditional spread, now all my mates and relatives love mums cooking and have done for hundreds of years Hahaha Lol, when id say the magic words to food and life.. Do you want to come to mums for tea.. There faces would lite up and every thing was re-booked or cancelled Lol.

Now my mum (ribs) Is full Italian with saying that mum is very proud of her life at 81 and why not she would be one of the fittest & healthiest eighty ones iv’e seen Wow mum just blows me out with her will power and push to be fit and super healthy.. In saying this in comes the life of food Lol.

Ribs is an amazing cook with this she takes so much pride and love with her cooking, even an egg on toast is perfect..she loves the kitchen, she loves the cooking and loves to see us eat with the happiness and enjoyment of outstanding food in front of you.

The Meal Before.

As we know i’m a bit different to my Mum but slowly getting there Lol i did say slowly Lol..With this i’m working with the Keto diet and cutting out the killers to me in life.. cakes, chips, sweets, bread and echolocate.

Last night strolling through the shops thinking what shell i cook tonight i don’t have this problem for eight days Hahaha.. I noticed in the deli King Prawns for $16.00 a kilo from 28 dollars is good. The head goes into full swing King prawns salad with a twist of avocado.

I cooked the king prawns in a pan with enough virgin oil to just cover the pan.. made a very small sauce with garlic and whipped cream just enough to have a bit of a bubble in the pan with pepper and sea salt.. poured into the pan slowly turned the prawns for 5 minutes.

As i drained the prawns time for the salad.. lettuce, black olives with out pips, red and yellow capstan chopped finally, red onion, cut up chilli to give that bang as you bite the salad, fete cheese cut fine i prefer as blocks Lol tomato cut fine with a dash of Italian virgin oil to give it texture with a beautiful colour.. to finish salad dressing i prefer the Greek a nice tang to it with salad.

As with the side of the plate a spoonful of potato salad ( red potato are better ) herbs, green capstan cut finely, some spinach cut fine and a rich white sauce mix well it gives the prawns the cream taste Hahaha Lol

As i’m sitting with pure enjoyment of eating my fine meal for a healthy fat guy, i thought god i’m a great cook how good am i Lol and a little voice whispered in my ear ( RIBS ) My mum.. the lips drilled and the smile increased knowing with in 18 hours i’m in Heaven.. Mums.. Life is great at 60 Lol.


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