Good Boy – Good Boy

Ok you would reckon that working out on the road in harsh country is hard work – Well i feel the hardest part of the day is going back to camp and facing the the Food Mess in the dinning room.

For me i’m on a mission and thats not eating every thing in the mess, i say that as there so much out standing food through the Mess at the camp.

Barramundi and salad, for tea.

There is every thing from salads, veggies, every meat on the market, curries, stir-fry’s, roast dinners, soups and fish from Salmon, barramundi, tailor and many more with prawns, scollops with squid.

Roast Pork & veggies.

The Mission for me is to look and weigh in what i’m eating with the key to walk straight past the full trays of cakes and sweets. I have to say some off the cakes and sweets are out standing, seriously i’m a man that has a real sweet tooth and loves variations of cakes.

The first shift i’m so proud of me if i say so my self. I have not touched one cake, bowl of sweets and ice creams. It was and is hard work as every second person walking past me had a cake or a bowl of sweets.

What iv’e done is with each shift i jump straight on the scales before and after shift, went up at 110 kilos and come back in eight days at 107 kilos so lost 3 kilos.

Seriously it was hard work as of i love food and it’s a smorgasbord of food, i have a long way to go my will power and setting my goals has been my structure, with the big one for me is drinking 7 to 8 litres of water every day and this one day i drank 11 litres that the key is to your diet filling up with 3 to 4 laters of water, i drink more as through the heat in the Kimberly.

The key is stay Focus with your goal that you set in front of you. Iv’e been with the same focus back home which i’m throughly enjoying the challenge and knowing been a round with sportsmen in setting up their programs so i need to focus on myself for the first time in years.

Have my currie and rice once a week to keep my energy and carbs up more so because were i’m working and the work i’m doing enjoying it really well.



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