The Two Lives I Now Live.. Lol

I sound like a gangsta in some ways.. far from it in so many ways.

Why do i say this.. eight days I’m a way out in the middle of no where many – many miles away from home and what i have done for a long period of my life, with one way another even if i didn’t live in Perth Or Coffs Harbour or Denmark down south.

Flying Into Perth Today.. You don’t realise how big we are or have got to you get an arial view of this great City.

And now i live six days in the city and fly out to the Kimberly working on roads which is different work to the city with Traffic Management for eight days. I work with huge road equipment and what we call road trains coming and going on the Hamersly Highway through the Rangers. The life style is so different and the scenery is harsh rugged and beautiful. The people have a great culture and many stories of this part of our land in Australia.

It might look quiet and boring as looks can be deceiving in so many ways as the amount of traffic that comes through the highway is amazing from Dawn To Dusk.. I stand there in between traffic and just with Orr look at this beautiful Red Country which in some ways a very small part of Australia.

As the weather warms up in the Kimberly we have to start watching out for these guys as we walk on the roads and at camp.. Tiger Snake.. The King Brown and the Black Snake.. A snake up to three foot plus in length with a good bite can have your nervous system going hay wire with in 40 minutes and possibly dead with in an hour if your not treated straight away and your workers on the road aren’t on too it straight away..

A lot milder which is good and very intriguing to watch as they gracefully walk or fly through bush or across the roads.

The hardest part for me is i’m missing the kids and my great grandson Lol and of course my family and friends.. with in a couple of hours of flight i’m in such a different world from there i go back to reality of life Haha.. Do i miss the traffic, sirens screaming, traffic lights, people by the droves.. I do know i don’t mis the rude aragerant human beings that go with city life.

It was an eye opener how friendly and well mannered with the respect of any one and every one that crosses paths with you.. not sure if it’s the sourroundings that’s around you as you work hard and put up with the heat that’s so different to the city, but it’s different through the expernation i can’t explain yet.. but as i said to my kids it’s been so long since I’ve experienced such warmth and friendless created through the community and workers.

Sun Rise .. Beautiful .. I stand there in Orr.

It works out i work six and half months a year of the year the rest is R.R.. Haha And the money is going to set me up or should i say put me in front with my bills and life in general. The accommodation is not five star but really good the rooms are small but clean the food is outstanding and so much off it.. the mess room runs from 4am till 8pm seven days a week. We all have our own laundries in our blocks gym’s there is what they call the Wet mess for the guys that like to drink and a general store in our camp.

On my way to camp when you pass this sign you know you’re not far away. The boss gave me my a two year roster today.. I know i have 2 years work and i know i fly out Tuesday at 5.30am and fly back in Tuesday at 4.20 pm Mmm thats a hard one Lol.

Life is getting better an i know it will only get better if i do it right.. I also know that every thing in life is for a reason and this one i’m not 100% sure but i’m going to enjoy the road and work with it.. at 60 it’s another chance in life i believe and for a purpose with my life just working on that one Haha Lol.


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