Understatement = Me.

Thats something iv’e been thinking about over the last few day as it is certainly an Understatement for me..

Again i’m changing my life in such a big turn around Wow = i’m 60 and for the first time in my life i’m doing FIFO.. Most of my mates and people i have known over the years have and done this when they were in their 20s Hahaha Not me some how iv’e turned it the other way Lol.

Paul Mcgrath First Time FIFO 60.

It was funny the lecture said to me at the induction how old are you – and you have never been on a mine site – that’s good your never to old buddy. The rest of the class just looked at me with Mmm Why. It’s pretty easy finically not in a good way for a man at my age, so i have to look at how am i going to get ahead in a short term of my life, besides winning lotto this seem’s to be the next option id say pretty much.And if i was to be quiet honest didn’t think any body would hire me..Lol.

If i was to say that i’m not nervous would be an understatement and a true one at that.. if i was to ask the question Do you know what your doing.. In one answer = not sure = but i need to put my self in a better position in life that would be the truth the hard truth.

I fly out Tuesday the 20th at 6am work for eight day’s straight 12 hour shifts.. That roster is going to help me a lot and the 6 days off on every shift is the key to this.. Most shifts are 21 on and 7 off or 14 on and 7 off so for me 8 days on 6 off is a very good shift roster.. i basically work 6 months and 2 weeks a year for the return of eighty five thousand. It’s not a demanding job as in physical, more mental in concentrating on the road and what’s in front of you, the company said it’s a job that you could do comfortable until you decide to retire.

There are some things iv’e got to a just with but really only minor things, i believe the great thing with all this which is the bonus..I don’t spend any money as every thing is payed for.. airfares, food, accomodation, gym, working clothes, boots and every thing.. If i was to drink beer in which i don’t i pay for it – i drink water and coke zero so ill see but i sort of feel ill spend 50 to 80 a week thats so good gives me a chance to really fix up some bills which is not to many and new teeth with savings..love it.

Well again if i must say in looking at my self.. I’m going on another adventure in life for the better of life.. I will meet new people and make new friend’s.. Ill learn new working skills.. Ill have a chance of seeing some of Australia’s hardest but beautiful country site’s.. Ill learn more about me as a person and human being.. I’ll take this by the balls and learn to go with the life of a FIFO Worker.

If any thing enjoy what’s a head understand the benefit of this for you in the long term, know that you have your kids and family behind you with support and love.. Today new position with work tomorrow getting a head in life.


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