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Why – With Our Thought’s ?

One – Remember to look up at the stars not at your feet.

Two – never give up work, work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty with out it.

Three – if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.

There is a meaning with that above which makes me wonder sometimes were people are and how they think. Yesterday i was haven a coffee with a couple mates that are truly devoted to god with their believes and for there love for him… i have not a problem with that at all know way in the world have i problem as i’m so proud of there devotion to God and what it means for them.

Only i can change my life.. No one can do it for me.

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

We’re chatting away as men do haven a great coffee at The Dome as we do. Any way we had just been chatting away for a couple of hours and people walking through in a great friendly way as Matty an Mike do, but they don’t push the wisdom of God on to any one they have in what they believe in with the understanding that most people have got their own believes.

Know you have the freedom of getting fat with good mates Love It Lol.

As two hours pass at a blink of an eye in comes Charles in which i know him through Matty.. any way as i do shake Charles hand and ask the question how are ya buddy all good. Well he hit back with i’m ok for some one dyeing and dose not want to live any more with a look of honesty in the expression of complete blank in his face. And then i copt it how sick he is and hates life and just wants to die…

I ask the question what about your young kids and your wife, friends and family don’t you see the value of fighting and being positive believing that you are going to fight it at least. He answered with all i want is to go too God, now i might be wrong and it’s my way off thinking… i thought you selfish fuck i’m pretty sure god himself would not be happy with you thinking that your not prepared to fight for the people that love you and stand by you with the fight and they are positive for you, we can win it.

I basically put my point across and my thoughts that you sit there wanting me to feel sorry for you when ya don’t have any care for the people around you and that you have a disease that can be cured or manageable in life. My kids and family would be devastated and could never forgive me with that sort of attitude, in thinking their dad didn’t want to fight it with knowing i could be around another twenty years with them.

I have friends that have had prostrate, stomach, skin cancer, tumours and other bad diseases that you wish for no one to have, but been so positive with fighting it and have won maybe for 10 more years or beaten it for life but not once did they give up.. not just for them but for the people that fight it with them, that love them from family friends and their wife an kids.

Your’e nothing short of my everything. That’s my belief of my kids, grandson, family and true friends and as much i would feel down that i was diagnosed with cancer for instance the tumour that i carrie as the size of a baseball turns on me..

For sure it will hit me hard but i believe my thought would be i’m going to fight this and my kids would say to me dad were going to beat this, if i was beaten bye it and lost as much as my kids and family would be hurt they would also know that i fought it all the way through in believing that i’m going to beat it.

You may have to fight a battle in life more than once to win.. It can be worth every fight.

I don’t understand Why and i know we are all different in the way we handle situations in life, but i feel if i was to give up at every challenge put in front of me i’m not the man i believed i was nor should i be.. Life is hard and no one will tell you that it’s meant to be easy, but i know through every challenge put in front of me makes me a better Person with the experience of learning by the win or lose of my life, at 60 i’m still learning with every challenge in front of me for the better or worse i learn with going forward even if it does put me behind for a short term.


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