Kangi Camp Home For 8 Days.

Well today another 8 hour induction and a big one at that, to go with it i say it was pretty interesting to say the least learned a lot about the land and the indigenous that live there on the land.

This is the mess, that provides outstanding food and very healthy at that.

I look like flying out Friday for the start of my first shift of eight days which is a good shift to be on. I got my I.D, passes and all the information on the camp site, were to go and not to go very strict up there in the camps and fair enough too haven’t a problem with that at all.

Kangi Village has great facilities on site, Sports Oval, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Cricket Pitch, Volleyball Ground, Rec Room and a great Gym. To go with that the Dinning room is outstanding, Bbq area and off course a Tavern which is very strict as 2 standard drinks per customer as your on shift the next day have to be on the ball as this is pretty dangers work with the heavy machinery.

Home away from home.
The road to home Hahaha

Im looking forward to my new home and adventure that’s in front off me… It cracked me up today i was the oldest in the induction and the only one that hasn’t worked on a mine site, only one called up out of 30 people for swab test for drugs and blow in the bag for alcohol Hahaha still got it at 60. Lol 8 days on 6 days off – 8 days on 6 days off love that sound Ker-ting Ker-ting and that hahaha Lol.


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