Maths For Life

Do we relise how big is maths in every day of living, maths is used every day and all use maths sometime through out the day.

Maths was and still is through wars in stragies and attacks, movement into the enemy line for sategic battles. Maths is used in space it was brought in to Nasa by Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dotothy Vaughan in 1962 they were the first African Americans to be excepted into the Nasa Program and with that they hat to fight for equal rights why being under the roof of one of the worlds biggest space program.

Maths is used a lot in Traffic Management in calculating our distance of our sighns going from the start, into the middle and finish of site in both directions of traffic, with this we measure the cone set up on a 4 meter, 6, 9 or 12 meters with the distance from the tapper until the ending of site.

Maths And Life = Happiness.

Mathmatically i would way up my life in the amount of positions i applyed for the amount i didnt get and interviews that i went for if i called back one twice or three times.

Example = in 15 Months – Applyed for 327 positions – 37 Interviews – 13 Twice – 7 Three – 3 Four time = For every 9.3 Positions in applying for i got an interview – For every 3.5 = two interviews – Which calcalated at 2.5 too 1.7 if you added 327 positions over 15 months i had a 30.7 % chance off getting a job which broke down to 3.3% for the position i start with Thursday Lol Hahaha.

Every day living is calacalating of the way we live the way we are living with our bills, house goods, groceries and much more, i live on what i call Dollar by Dollar which is i live by calacalting every movement i do with all my shopping, fuel, bills, clothes i cant save that just dosent happen Hahaha it will one day but not to day.


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