Pass Medical.

Do you ever go into something that you have to do and your hands are sweating and you know you don’t feel real confident in what’s in front of you…. I did Lol boy was i nervous.. understatement of the year Hahaha.

I was intrigued the amount of paper work at the start to fill in, and the questions that are asked every disease known to mankind was on these forms if you had half of them you should not be here.

And then with a breeze and 110 minutes later its on..ear test, eyes, blood pressure, heart beat, pulse, sugar diabetic. From there into do the fitness test it’s like a little gym wow set up so well, 35 minutes of a pretty gruelling test… 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, step up’s 4 minutes to a tick tock beat you hat to keep with the beat, 25 squats. Strength lifts.. Deadlift 80.kilos.. Squat 80.kilos..Rowing machine 3 minutes, carrie 20 kilos up from one end of the gym to the other for 5 minutes.. Plank 90 seconds, finish off with some stretching…. Passed at 81.5% Not Bad Long way to go but very happy.

Mmmm all good, i had noticed the other guys going into the toilet with the male doctor to do a urine test for banned substance from Panadol, weed, ice or any thing with codeine in it so you have to put on the forms your last tablet or medication or your in trouble as it looks like your hiding something.

I don’t know what happen but for some reason the doctor saids to the receptionist can you take Paul in and do the urine test.. Hahaha really, now don’t get me wrong i’m a man and pretty proud at that Lol.. When you go for this test they have to watch you and make sure you’re not trying to do any sneaky and that the penis is your’s as guys will try any thing Take in little cups of someone else’s urine, and you can buy a rubber penis that strap to you and can do the same function of passing urine .. they can do some pretty funny things so they can pass.

Well for me had no problem except i got stage fright or me little mate did Lol.. could not produce a drop and the young girl is being so patient just relax Paul it’s happens.. Haha 15 minutes later with one hand holding on to the cup and one hand holding my little buddy i produced half a cup of a sample and failed which i knew i would i had some Panadol the night before but all so put on the form before hand.

The nervous were more for the fitness test as if you are not around 60% or over it’s a fail any thing under and you go back in a week at your cost, so that was good and more so for me as i haven’t had a fitness test in years and gives me the chance to put together a program for the next level.. Hearing was good or as the doctor said on par with a 60 year old, eyes well can’t read with out glasses, so they were good i’m just going have to buy some stronger glasses soon Mmmm, and the urine test oooh well ill have to chat to my little buddy in not to be so shy Hahaha all good.

So i passed at 88.7% all up as the Doc commented on that’s good for your age ( it’s funny how age keep’s coming into it Mmm ) but keep working on your health you need to drop some weight, an acquired silence was upon the room with me looking at the doctor and he was looking at me with a broken remark.. yea i know practise what i preach.. lol i smiled all good doc.. Next phase what they call a face too face induction of 8 hours, the good thing is i get payed for it at 44 and hour bring it on.


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