Positivity = Life. Power = Mind.

I was told the difference between being positive and being negative is simple. Negativity, is when you start assuming that things will go wrong even before they do. Positivity, is when you remain calm when things go wrong knowing well that there is a solution lurking around somewhere, just waiting to be found.

When there are challenges put in front of you in life, it’s the way we look at these challenges can be the way we look at the Positive or Negative of the challenge in front of us.. it can play havoc on the mind.

My good mate keeps saying to me Mags ( me ) one off many names i carrie ( another story Lol ).. Always Remember that your present situation is not your final destination the best is yet to come. I would look at that as what the fuck would he know… really he’s telling a person that can’t see daylight in the arisen right in front of me.

Power = Mind.. The mind can be one of the most powerful things with our bodies.

That would certainly be one of the most under quotes in life as the mind can make or break us, as iv’e seen some of my mates be diagnosed with level 4 cancer which is just about saying good bye, and they’re so positive that it’s a fight with beating it. I understand no matter how good or bad i think life is, i wake up every day and i’m thankful for my life.. As i know someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.

The power of thought, the magic of the mind.

We need to learn to select our thoughts the same we select our clothes every day. This is the power you can cultivate… So is it true if you want things so bad work on the mind. To have a positive outlook with life thats what it takes work on the power of your mind.. I look at things and try to be positive with the negative of situations in front of me.. is it easy – No it’s hard but i’m learning and teaching myself that this is short term if i don’t let it fucking get to me and get me down with trying to change the way i look at things with believing the things i look at can change. It’s hard as there are some things that are out of my hands and there are some situations i believe can improve i just have to be different in outlook with them.

My two best little mates..Lol Love them both so much.

I have my grandson asking the question the first of many.. Pop how was your day to day.. i would answer with yea ok i suppose.. Kado follows with be positive Pop come on things will get better you know that hey..i look at this little guy with such a positive outlook in life and yet iv’e really only noticed in the last few months, and this is through i believed in the feeling was positive on the things to improve with a hint of subconsciously i had in the back of the mind of negativity in my life.

The other little guy next to Kado is Odo and he’s brilliant i talk to him with some really deep and meaning conversations some times, he gives me no negative what so ever and all looks with so much interest and understanding and in some way i believe through his response he’s very positive on the result with my life.. Haha Lol. The great thing with your four legged mate they never argue and all ways make you feel good about yourself.

As I’m learning being positive doesn’t mean you don’t ever have negative thoughts..It just means you don’t let those thoughts control your life.

I have so much to learn with my life even at 60 as the saying goes You can teach an old dog new tricks.. i believe you can as i’m learning all the time and looking at how i can improve my life, with a life time of experience and looking how i can still improve with the thought of teaching my self that..Being Positive = Life.. Through the power of my mind.


4 responses to “Positivity = Life. Power = Mind.”

  1. This is a really thought-provoking post! I am in strong agreement that the mind is extraordinarily powerful and has an effect on the rest of our bodies. I write about topics similar to this in my own blog posts from the perspective of positive psychology, which asks what it means to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Feel free to check it out and I welcome any contributions that you may have. Great post, and I hope that you are doing well!

    • Thanks for that Positively Psychological i appreciate that my belief is that he mind create so many of your life movements and thoughts.. i all so worked with sportsmen an women with sports Psychology with the mental side of sports.. in which we take into life.. thanks so much for the positive feed back really did appreciate that.. #Lifeat60…. Paul

      • Yes that is so great that you have all of that experience in the field! Thank you for checking out my blog as well, and feel free to continue contributing to the content as I continue to post. Your input will be very welcome there! Great to meet you, and I hope that you are doing well!

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