At Long Last.

I would have to admit, i was sort of thinking will it happen.

I certainly don’t believe in giving up and keep trying at it all the time docent matter how many knock back’s you receive or told your have no experience in life or completely ignored.

There were times through this in trying to improve my life with a better position to just get ahead was very stressful at times and can be demoralising with reactions you receive. One thing i do is try and be an example to my kids in some ways… don’t give up even when you feel there is no way out, or your back is against the wall keep pushing even if they don’t want you too, keep working for your goals until it happens.

The last 2 and half years have been up and down and going to the circle of back were i started, and then Monday got the call that i have the position with traffic controller up north, can you go for fitness and drug test, give us your clothes size come and see us Friday and you will fly out Tuesday..

That was such a relief in so many ways ill be able to pay my bills save money and get things i need and have on the bucket list.. Ive just gone from a 30.000 to 100.000 + dollar job yearly.. am i happy – yes – am i relieved – yes – do i feel i deserve another chance in life – yes i do – i might and have had a few over the years there is no problem with that one, and i know that but i all so believe every chance you take is a learning process of life if you fail or succeed with those chance’s in front of you.. through learning you make each one better and more successful dose not matter at what age of life or were you are in life.

Some people want it to happen.. Some wish it would happen.. Others make it happen.

The great thing with all this for those that know me are saying well done buddy you deserve it worked and never gave up for it, my daughter and son gave me a big hug.. well done dad you worked hard to get this.. Does it make me an amazing person or better than the next person – No what it taught me is keep working for it until you get it – Its funny with the full time position i had before all this happened as a groundsmen i was in the position of just being content were i was and excepting were i was and through being mad redundant it changed my out look and really opened my eyes that i have to make a better life.

I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that you have reached in life.

But by the obstacles you have overcome while trying to succeed in life.

I understand i have a long way to go i have a lot of sacrifice’s to do, i work long hard hours and days and in places were people don’t want to be with a very hot sun coming down on ya, and I’m certainly going to mis being around the kids and my grandson.. but for the opportunity to get ahead in life i need to make these commitments and look at the big picture its’s for a great reason in life. And i like the 8 days on 6 days off Lol.

I’m so grateful, thankful for another chance in life even at 60 Lol.


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